Monday, April 18, 2011

Water Water Everywhere

Can you imagine looking in every which way and only seeing water? On our voyage this sight may last for 21 days. When you're under way it is a bit rocky and a little weird. Some time it is amusing to watch the waves push you and splash up against the transom. On catamarans you can look under the boat by looking through the escape hatches. You can watch the waves splash up and then you can see under the crystal clear baby blue water!

Outside is a different experience: Tall navy blue waves surround you and at the top of them they are practically clear. As the waves circle you, you sit and you get tired because you are getting rocked like a little baby. When you stand you wake up. I haven't seen another vessel whether it's a plane or boat since the first day. As you hear the waves crashing and stirring, there's a sudden boom and then a crack, but don't fear because it's only the waves crashing into the boat. It's very hot and humid because of the water and heat.

On the boat it is half exciting seeing the interesting water and sky and half boring not being able to play with other kids.

At 4/18/2011 12:49 (utc) our position was 10°14.45'N 123°54.33'W

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  1. Harrison - You are so brave to be doing what you are doing and this is definitely going to be your most memorable seder ever. I love the way you describe what it is like to be on the boat during your voyage. If you are bored - just keep blogging because we love to keep reading them. We thought about you guys a lot last night at Boppy's seder. How hard was it to find the afikoman this year??