Friday, April 15, 2011

Surprise Catch

On our second day out at sea, once everyone was beginning to get adjusted, we put a fishing line in the water. We were about to sit down for dinner when we heard the clicking noise indicating that a fish was on the line. After thirty minutes of my dad reeling it in, we finally caught sight of it. It was a shark!! It had a dorsal fin and pectoral fins, a gray backside and a white belly and was six or seven feet long. My mom looked in all the fish books we have on board but was unable to identify it for sure. We think it could have been a blue shark. Determined to get the lure out of its mouth, my dad kept the shark close to the transom for awhile and I took pictures. It stayed there for about ten minutes and then fought to swim away so quickly that it snapped the line. It took our lure with it. Now I'm more reluctant to swim across the equator, as I was planning to do.


PS. There was a great picture of the shark I was going to post but apparently we can't send it as it makes the email from our boat to big.
At 4/13/2011 02:04 (utc) our position was 16°32.92'N 112°34.24'W


  1. Hi you guys, so glad you are doing well despite the hazards of boating-refers, sharks and calm oh my! We head south tomorrow, our crew is here 2 friends that wanted offshore experience. it is VERY hot here, humid, we are ready for the pool as there have been lots of jellys. Danielle, swim across the equator, you won't get another chance to do something like that. Love you all

  2. I loved reading your daily reports (still 0 fish, vegetables holding on, etc.)

    I remain, as always, amazed by your teamwork and attention to detail.

    I'm glad you caught the shark and not the other way around.

    Hang in there sailors


  3. Danielle, great post! But do you really plan to swim acoss the equator? Will your jellyfish suits protect you from a shark?

  4. That is so incredible - I can't even imagine. I would have screamed so loud!! I can't wait to see the pic one day. I'm sure it was a scary but amazing experience at the same time. Enjoy your seders. Can't wait to hear more! xo