Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Turning Toilets and Shellbacks

Have you ever noticed which way your toilet water turns as it goes down? If you are in the Northern Hemisphere your toilet water will turn clockwise. In the Southern Hemisphere the toilet water will turn counter-clockwise.

On our voyage now from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to the Marquises Islands in the South Pacific, we had to cross the equator or the latitude 0 degrees (the line that separates the Northern and Southern Hemispheres). If you swim across the equator or cross by boat you are called a Shellback or a son/daughter of Neptune, the god of the oceans. When naval ships or a ship with ranks crosses the equator, the men dress up as women and do crazy things like drink potions with sea water, milk and other gross things.

When I crossed the equator on our boat I swam across it. We celebrated it with champagne and orange juice and M&Ms. Later, my dad gave all of us certificates that certify that we are now Shellbacks. Meanwhile me and my dad dressed up as girls and my sister and mom dressed up as boys. I will always remember this silly but fun day.

-Harrison from somewhere in the Pacific Ocean across the equator
At 4/26/2011 10:07 (utc) our position was 04°03.96'S 134°23.89'W


  1. Hey Huss!

    I remember that about the toilets from my trip to New Zealand before you were born. Meanwhile, our toilet broke yesterday. Glad it wasn't on a boat! Not such a bad thing since we are starting bathroom renovations next week and were planning on replacing that one anyway. Talk about timing!

    So are you counting down the hours til land yet, or still working on days? We keep tracking your distance with the kids and they are anxious to know when you will be "somewhere".

    Hope you survived Passover on the boat..that will probably be your most memorable Pesach ever!

    Love you and miss you.

  2. I did not know all of that. I think you are going to be teaching your teacher a few things next year when you get back to school!! You have gained so much knowledge from all of this.
    Can't wait to see the pics from the dress up. Sounds like fun.
    I am writing this to you a few days after you wrote it because we have been away. So happy to hear you are now on land. You did it!! Amazing. My hat goes off to all of you.

  3. If you had read what you just experienced, it would have just been a bunch of facts. But to actually live and see it - you will never forget it. Also your friends will be in awe of you!