Saturday, April 2, 2011

Making Time for Friends

As the stress levels get a bit over-emphasized, we've still managed to make a bit of time for good friends we've made here at the La Cruz Marina.

Yesterday, I lead the multi-staged Kids' Club activity over the day:  1 p.m. was mixing ingredients on our dock for Challah, thanks to the famous recipe given to me by our good friend and quasi-family Daniel Saal.  At 4 p.m. we re-united at the Sky Bar to braid the challahs, and at 6 p.m. they were baked and given out.  Most never made it home as they were devoured hot out of the oven. The amazingly inventive Kids' Club is lead by our good friend Tami on Andiamo - we'll be so sad to be saying goodbye to her and her kids in a couple of days.  We've grown very close to them - in only 3 weeks! Living at the dock is like being at camp - relationships blossom and a week is like a month in real time.

Mixing ingredients in our outdoor kitchen on Dock 4

One of the trays, ready to be baked

Last night, Michael organized a karaoke night up in the marina Sky Bar.  It was a hoot, and most of our good friends came out.  I woke up this morning with a sore throat because of all the singing.

Tami (Andiamo) and Andrea (Safety Cat) belt it out

Father and son singing together

Father and Daughter (Evan and Maia of Ceilydh) doing a duet

The crew of Hotspur (Carolyne, Jim and Meri - only son Tim is missing)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Michael's new favorite pasttime

Kids are having a great time - when the adults let them have the mike!

The list is getting shorter, but there are still items to get done so I'm in a bit of a panic.  I'll have to keep this post short.

-Barb in La Cruz for 2 more days


  1. Baking challah and karaoke - it's important to relieve stress with fun - ENJOY! Looking forward to hearing about your stress relievers while at sea...

  2. Sail safe. We'll meet you in fiji (ha)...who knows...maybe we will.