Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 19 1/2 -- Anchored!

We are safely anchored in Nuku Hiva! Have spent the morning off the boat walking around and checking into the country. Its great to be on land again. More later!

Maeva Maeva e

At 4/29/2011 18:23 (utc) our position was 08°54.94'S 140°05.97'W


  1. AWESOME!!!!! Cant wait to see how you like it. I am sure it is going to be fantastic. Miss you all, and wish you all the best as you explore your new land. Oh and Jack says hi to Harrison!

    Tammy and Crew

  2. SO excited for you all... Congrats!
    Meri and Crew

  3. Congrats to you and the crew - glad that the crossing was largely uneventful. Please send a postcard when you have a chance. BTW, we don't have plans for dinner if you want to join us Saturday.

  4. I have been following your sea journey with tremendous awe and admiration and have learnt so much about life at sea from your informational pieces and stories. I now know what a squall, a boobie a spinnaker and a shellback are!!! I can't even imagine the sense of accomplishment and pride you must be feeling!!! You guys are amazing! Congratulations on your incredible voyage. Chag Sameach and totally inspired! Hope you had the most incredibly restful sleep on terra nova. All my luv, Sheryl (Vancouver)

  5. Fantastic! Well done. I had no idea you were going to "turn right" out into the ocean. Looks like I have some 19 days of reading to catch up on.

    Craig, Mel, Jordan & Marcus on Journey (living vicariously through you!)

  6. U guys need to celebrate that you got there safely! I think we are all happy to know that you made it to land. We just got home from Florida and we followed your blog the whole time but could not respond because we did not have internet access to get onto the posting. I was so impressed that you guys did it and managed to make some fairly gourmet meals too! I'm sure you will never forget that passage! Welcome back to land. Hope you sea legs aren't too wobbly.

  7. You must all be so relieved! We are.
    Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

  8. So, again, what do I win?

    glad to hear it! Hope you have wonderful adventures!


  9. Hooray! It's been exciting following along, though I missed few days as I was biking from Menlo Park to Paso Robles with some friends. And I thought THAT was a long trip. Very happy you made it safely.

  10. Congrats. Started reading you guys about a month ago and REALLY enjoy your blog.

    Stay safe!

  11. YEAH-so happy for you all, I know how you must feel! Enjoy this part of your adventure to the max as you always do. We are doing an inland trip to Tical with 4 other boats, so far it is much more temperate (98 with the heat index in Bahia del Sol)Through guatemala and honduras today, back to guatemala tomorrow. Miss you Vicki