Sunday, April 3, 2011

In Need of a Re-do

Yesterday (Saturday) was one of those days where I really needed a re-do, a do-over.  I started by getting up late, which I cannot afford to do given my to do list. Our departure date is closing in on us and I'm stressed with all the things I still need to get done.  I've given up on some things, like buying art project-y things for the passage, or green beans, or getting a mani/pedi.  But there are other things I must do, including calling my family to speak to them one last time before we make the crossing.

Yesterday morning we had scheduled a review of Emergency Procedures and our Abandon Ship Bag (known as our Ditch Bag), but only got part way through by the time I realized I would already be late for my hair appointment in Puerto Vallarta.  I quickly hopped a bus, which took almost twice as long as usual to get me there.  Haircut went smoothly, but then I decided to take advantage of Starbuck's internet, paid Starbucks' prices for a coffee so I could get the password, and proceeded to waste an hour and a half trying to make calls. My computer took nearly 20 minutes just to get booted up and launch the phone software. Then, most calls didn't go through, but when they did, they didn't last long. Plus, I was in the middle of a mall so the sound was awful.  When I finally got through to my mother, I had to tell her that I had to call her right back because I had a nervous stomach attack and had to get to the bathroom (sorry if this is too much information).  Which meant I had to pack all my computer stuff up to take it with me, and then come back to re-set it all up again.  Still no phone calls that worked. I finally packed it in and went home without being able to cross anything off my list.  Nothing.  Okay, so I crossed off haircut. With the time shrinking on us, I cannot afford to have nothing else crossed off my list.

Last night many families on the dock ordered pizza and had dinner on the dock but I didn't even get off the boat. I was trying to make up for lost time, but I'm not sure I was able to cross anything off the list either way.  Today is our last day on the docks and there is a serious amount to be done:  Start the day with final laundry items, then complete the emergency procedures review session; then the farmer's market at 10 a.m.  This will be followed by a trip to Mega to get all my dairy and breads for the passage and then I'll have to find space to put it in.  At 4:30 we have a Pacific Puddle Jump final round table meeting for any of us doing the 'jump' that are still around - to discuss weather, radio nets, routing, and so on.  Finally at 6 p.m. we'll head to the produce warehouse up the street to get the bulk of our produce for the passage.  Then, if I'm still awake, I'll have to wash some of it in a bleach solution and allow it to completely dry overnight before stowing it.

And where will I fit in those telephone calls?  Internet here at the marina is the most frustrating thing around - sometimes it's here and sometimes it's not.  And it's certainly not good enough for a phone call.  On top of that my computer has been acting up - just days before we depart.  AAARRRGGGHHH.

So, at 2:30 p.m. (daylight savings time, finally -- Mexico just sprung forward one hour last night) on this, a new day, I've done the laundry, I've been to the market, we've completed our emergency procedures review, and I've abandoned Mega for today in place of making calls at an internet cafe down the street.  Wish me luck - I hope I get through.

Barb in La Cruz for one more day


  1. The Delurgios wish you a safe and wonderful journey across the Pacific to the Marquesas!

    Betsy, Samantha, Ellie and I enjoyed meeting you last year in Tenacatita Bay, and have been watching your blog as you prepare for this wonderful part of your journey.

    So cool!

  2. Patience, patience... It'll all work out. It's okay for things not always to work out as planned, in the grand scheme of things. Tomorrow is another day, a fresh new start!