Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life on the Crossing

Some people may think that a three week long voyage would be boring because of the length, shortage of materials, lack of friends, and the same view every time you look outside. I certainly did. But it's actually sort of fun. I've been learning about weather and I'm working on identifying clouds. The last week we've been dodging squalls so half the time it's raining. The seas change constantly and today, since they're confused, we're working on balance. If I'd had the hatch above my bed open last night, I would've been swimming.

Our daily routine goes some what like this: Chores, breakfast, school, morning snack, more school, lunch, finish school, play a game, afternoon snack, read, dinner, bedtime. So we've been spending a lot of time together, but I'm not that sick of it yet.

We've had a few different days too. We didn't do school on the first two days of Passover, so I had a lot of down time. Also, on the day we crossed the equator (which was a Saturday when we don't do school anyway), everyone swam across. We put out a throw line which floats and held onto it. This rope is yellow so it acted as the "yellow line over the equator". Going only 1 knot, we were surprisingly still being pulled really hard. We also had a cross dress, drank a special drink, and blared music.

And now we're in the Southern Hemisphere; it feels no different.

-Danielle from somewhere in the Pacific Ocean on the south side of the equator
At 4/26/2011 09:57 (utc) our position was 04°03.11'S 134°23.17'W


  1. Hey Danielly Belly....(can I still call you that? YOu seem so grownup now....)

    Glad to hear you are not finding it boring and that you're not "that sick" of all your together time. I think I would be, so I'm happy to hear you're not!

    The equator crossing sounded so fun and silly. So you've officially had your first sip of champagne?

    Counting down the days til you guys hit land...

    Love you..

  2. You're a real trouper, Danielle. Love reading your posts while imagining your experience. It must have been a ball jumping into the ocean - but weren't you a bit scared?