Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still Waiting...

It's now looking like Thursday for departure day at the very earliest.  The weather report this morning on the VHF radio net advised that there is still no wind to take us to the trade winds, and in fact no trade winds in the trade winds.  That last part sounds a little ridiculous, I know, but I don't profess to understand weather at all.  We are used to waiting for wind, though, so that's not a problem.  The problem seems to be a weird weather phenomenon that is bringing severe weather cells into the Pacific over the next week that are out of character for this time of year.  Or so the morning net reported.  Again, I don't profess to understand the weather, and up until now, we've been satisfied to listen to the nets and go when they say we should go.  However, this time around, Michael decided he needed to understand this so-called phenomenon, and spent the day today learning to read the weather reports and the trends.  Since we've been ready to go now for two days, what else does he have to do?  He is pretty convinced after a thorough study, review and collaboration with other cruisers heading to the South Pacific that Thursday is the day to go.  That's when the winds will pick up to carry us to the trades, and that's when the trades will come alive doing what the trades do best.  He is also assured, through various sources and cross references, that these weird weather cells will not interfere with our passage.

And what did I do all day on the wait?  I feel like I'm waiting for a baby to come.  I'm all ready for it, but not sure when, over the next couple of weeks, it'll be here.  So I'm nesting.  I cleaned today.  I vacuumed the cockpit and salon rugs, which required me hauling out the real heavy duty vacuum from under Harrison's bed. I cleaned and waxed the chrome plate on the faucets in all the bathrooms.  And I tidied and stowed away a lot of stuff that I had planned on doing while underway.  

I also started checking my produce, which you need to do every day for some things, every 3 days for other things, and every week for yet other things.  I can start smelling the melons, so at least one will need to be eaten tomorrow.  I also noted that some of the bins are getting sunlight in the late afternoon which will hasten ripening, so I moved the bins and closed the curtains. Everything else seems to be doing fine.  For how long, I know not.
Citrus wrapped in tinfoil
Tomatoes wrapped in paper towels
We had a great dinner tonight with most of our friends at a restaurant called Xocholatl (pronounced Sho-ko-la-tay) on the highway at La Cruz, which has the most incredible view of Banderas Bay and the marina (the food's pretty good too).  Within the next few days, many of our friends will sadly be heading in different directions.  After seeing each other every day and sharing meals, kids, recipes, boat parts, stories and much more, it will be hard to leave.  

-Barb (and yes, I'm still in La Cruz)


  1. Hang in there... The nesting is almost over!

  2. It's okay to relax once in a while, or is that not on the "to-do" list? I'm sure there will be lots of excitement in the days ahead...