Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cross-blog References

Two of our cruising friends blogged about two separate events we blogged about two days ago.  Make sense?

Diane on Ceilydh (pronounced Kay-Lee) blogged about the karaoke night here.

And Meri on Hotspur (pronounced Hot-Spur) blogged about the challah making here.

Both did a much better job at describing each of the events than I did, given the exhaustion I'm experiencing due to the planning frenzy and the hour at which I finally get to sit down and write a blog.

And sorry if I'm popping out these blogs at a faster rate than you can read them.  It mirrors the rate at which we're moving these days.  We're sure things will slow down - REALLY slooowwwww dowwwwwnnn - once we're out to sea.  Which won't happen now until Wednesday as the winds will be better for our departure then than on Tuesday as originally planned.  I love it when I get an extra day.  We plan to spend it with friends doing nothing but hanging out at the beach and the pool and not worrying about anything we need to do but be present.


  1. Love the other blog about your challah making. I would have loved to be there! You're amazing...and I miss talking to you so much. We had a special family shabbat dinner at our house which started with Jeffy saying a special "prayer" (as prayer-y as he would get!) for you guys.
    I personally wish you were coming home sooner, but I'm happy for you that you are exploring your dreams.
    Miss you all...
    Can't wait to hear from you soon.

  2. You "guys" are really becoming famous, being recognized on so many others' posts for your various abilities and zest for life. They are great to read and say volumes about your creativity as well as your characters. The Gottesman/Mitgangs have certainly left an impression...and it's not over yet. We are so proud of you all...