Wednesday, April 6, 2011

...And Waiting...

Still no wind to carry us to the trades.  Still waiting.  But tomorrow we'll head to the harbor master to check out of the country.  We're being optimistic because we have only a couple of days to leave the country once we officially check out.  Unofficially, people leave whenever they can.  We know of a couple of boats that set out but encountered problems within 20 miles of shore and returned for repairs before setting out again.  This means that they were in the country 'unofficially'.  We'll unofficially say that this may unofficially happen to us unless the wind picks up.

I must make a clarification.  Michael astounds me with how much he knows about reading weather information.  I think I may have suggested otherwise in my post of yesterday.  What I was trying to say yesterday is that the weather information we got did not immediately make sense to him, so he decided to spend the afternoon understanding that particular weather phenomenon, which was in and of itself an anomaly.  Our weather-related decisions are always educated opinions based on several, not just one, sources.

Kids will begin homeschooling again tomorrow - they've taken the last few days off to be with friends, in particular the Andiamo crew who left today for the States for a few days.  At this rate, we may still be here when they return.

-Barb (yes, still in La Cruz)


  1. It must be torture!!!!! You can always come to La Paz if you get tired of sky just showed up today.......I know I know, in my dreams. We sure do miss you guys tho, and I never got to sang with you on your new toy.

    With love from the beautiful and stress free Sea of Cortez........come come come.
    I won't give up untill you REALLY leave.

  2. It's sooner than you think... Have patience... and more patience. Just relax and enjoy the moment...