Monday, December 14, 2009

Our favorite boat names

Just passing the time as we make our 3 day crossing from the Baja Peninsula to the mainland (Mazatlan is our goal), we wrote down our list of favorite boat names.

There are those that clearly would rather be sailing:
Exit Strategy
Outta Here
Gato Go (note: Gato means cat in Spanish - this is a catamaran)
Done Dealing

Fishing vessels:
Tuna Tamer
Reel Pain

X-rated (try these using the VHF hailing system - see Barb's previous post on this):
Rock Hard
Lucky Dick
Simple Pleasures
Wet Dream

Those that name their dinghies to go along with the 'mother ship':
Sea Weavel; dinghy name: Lesser of Two Weavels
Just a Minute; dinghy name: Just a Second

Many that play on the wind:
Prevailing Wind

And some others:
Hello World
Broken Compass
The Office (as in: I'm going to the Office)
Risk Taker
Beach Access
Pipe Dream
Ballena (in Spanish, this is a whale)

Chrokeva - this one is a play on the owner's kids' names: Chris, Robert, Kevin and Virginia

And then there's the not-so-creative:
No Name

Of course, there is ours "Whatcha Gonna Do" and we are beginning to figure out what we gonna do.....

We'll post more as we come across them. In the meantime, please send us your favorites...

Signing off from somewhere along the southern crossing of the Sea of Cortez,
23 degrees, 58.36 minutes N; 109 degrees, 12.97 minutes W,


  1. You can name your dinghy "Already Dunnit" or "Forget It" - it needs to be short to counter your boat's long name.
    I kinda like the X-rated names (not bad for an "old lady" - especailly a mother-in-law!)
    Hope the sailing is smooth...

  2. I could think of a few more such as

    "Are We Crazy?"
    "Midlife Crisis"
    "Dream Seeker"
    and my final one which I think is the best.....
    "Got a GREAT Wife"

    I guess reading boat names is the equivalent of us trying to play cribbage with licence plates while on a driving trip.

    All the bloggs are great!
    keep 'em coming.