Sunday, December 6, 2009

Michael Post

I was going to post something but it seems to be clear from the comments to Barb's, Danielle's and Harrison's posts that there is no way that I could come close to producing the quality of writing and stories nor would I get the sympathy and hugs that Barb got if I were to complain about the amount of cleaning and boat maintenance required by me or about listening to the home school banter.

That's my post.


PS. Barb gave me a haircut yesterday. She took off more than what is left, but had tons of fun and laughed a lot.

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  1. Are you feeling a bit left out?? In need of a hug too?? Well, I am sending out a HUGE big virtual squeeze to you, dearest Michael. I am happy to listen to your banter and try eek out some semblance of sympathy for you. It might be tough, but I'll try.
    And post a pic of the clean, coifed look. What an amazing wife you have. She cooks, cleans, teaches, cuts and so much more! OK, your right, she deserves the sympathy more than you. <:-)

  2. Well, here's a great big hug to you Michael, always level-headed and keeping things in its proper perspective. Because of you the others feel they can vent - you keep them under control!
    I'll comment on your next post on the amazing job you are doing keeping the ship running - and also under control...are you some kind of control freak?
    It must be really satisfying when you get results from all that hard work. Your engineering skills sure come in handy...and your writing is also great - love hearing from you.
    I'd also love to see the new coif-cut.
    Keep on sailing and blogging. Love you all...