Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kids On Board

My friend Kenji came on board on the 17th of December and ever since, Kenji has become a cruiser. We built a car that, when you pull back and let go, it goes forward. We do different subjects together in homeschool. Kenji, Danielle and I swing on the halyard around the mast. Natsuko, Kenji's mom, bought a seat that attaches to the halyard and we sit on it. I like having other kids on board.

Halyard - a rope that raises the sails.

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  1. Hi Huss You must be so thrilled to have Kenji & his Mom with you. That's pretty special!
    It sounds like I will have so much to learn when I come on board-but I know you will look after me-can't wait for my turn to visit-I am really missing you & Danielle.
    Still no snow but lots of sunshine today.
    Please keep writing-your blogs are so interesting and it makes me feel like I am travelling with you.
    Love you & miss you. "Hi" to all
    Hugs & kisses & more hugs!!! Bubie

  2. Hi Huss,
    I'm so glad to hear that Kenji is visiting with you - I know that you are best friends and really missed each other. Living together will allow you to catch up on all what's happening in school and at home.
    Zaidah and I can't wait to see you all - we'll be coming around the middle of January - after all the other guests leave. I'd like to be able to fish with you, and do other things as well...
    Until then, lots of hugs and kisses...x x x x

  3. Hey Huss!

    I'm so happy for you that you have a friend on board travelling with you. That must be so fun for you to show him everything you've learned about boating.

    Hannah and Sammy are off school now for a couple of weeks and we have really been doing very little except spending time together playing, reading, puzzles, etc. Today we are going to a movie and then to a friend's for dinner.

    I have been looking into trips for their break in February. Maybe we will be able to hook up with you guys somewhere. Just waiting to hear where you think you'll be then and whether anyone else has plans to come at that time.

    Hannah and Sammy slept at Tessie's 2 nights ago. Her two sons just moved here from the Phillipines, so she is very excited. The kids had a great time. We are actually going to her house tomorrow night for dinner for her son's birthday. Bubie is coming too. I bet Sonia misses you guys!

    Have fun with Kenji! Write soon.
    Love you!