Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Me and My VHF Radio

We use the VHF radio everyday. VHF stands for very high frequency. Our mobile VHF radio is like our cell phone and the one on the boat is like our home phone.

We use it to communicate with our family and friends. Sometimes we use it to ask mom or dad a question for school if they go out. We use it for making arrangements like for dinner or a play date to go to the park. We also use it to ask things like "when are you coming home."

People use boat names as phone numbers. Some boat names are very interesting. One is Meshach. Another is "Just a Minute" and their mobile is "Just a Second." Another one is "Do it" and their mobile is "Doing It." Our mobile is "When They Come For You", just like the song. That leads to a story which I will tell you about.

When I called "When They Come For You" a guy answered on their VHF "Why don't we get a kids channel." Then I called again. "Get a cell phone a women said. Those people are sure mean. A mom from a boat that we talked to later called those people boogers because everyone has the right to use the VHF.

VHFs are useful and fun for kids and adults.



  1. Hi Hus,
    I was really happy to get your message.
    That sure was an interesting lesson for me...and you keep using the VHF for important messages - that's what it's meant to be for - and let those boogers keep complaining. How was the name "When They Come For You" chosen?

    Zaidah and I hope to see you soon - as soon as we know your plans for the next couple of months. We love reading about all your experiences - we feel like we're on the trip with you.
    Love you and miss you...

  2. Hey Huss!

    It sounds like that VHF really is a good source of entertainment for you guys (and for us!). I love trying to figure out in the first two lines who wrote each blog. But as you and Danielle keep getting better and better at your writing, it's getting harder and harder to guess correctly!

    I'm going to Montreal tomorrow with Bubie and Sammy to visit Auntie Edythe. It's her birthday, so Sidney will be in for a little party they are having on Sunday. We're also going to visit with Andrea (not sure if you know who she is), and her two little kids. They live in Montreal now, but are actually moving to San Fran in March, so I'm sure you'll meet them when you guys get home.

    Hope there's blogs waiting for me when I get home on Monday!...keep them coming.

    Love you and miss you,

  3. Hussy -
    one thing - will i be sleeping on a trampoline or a net when I come?
    Can I use the VHF radio with you when I come?
    It sounds so cool!

  4. that was from russell.
    Uncle Paul changed the accounts!

  5. Hi Harrison That was a very interesting blog. It always surprises me how some adults are not very kind or patient with kids. You have more sense than they. Keep using your VHF!
    Hope everything is going great. Are you getting another crew and where are you going now?
    We still have no snow and it hasn't been too cold yet.
    Keep those blogs coming--I look 3 times everyday for them. They make me feel happy and close to you. Lots of love to your family==I realy miss you. Hugs and kisses Bubie