Friday, December 4, 2009

My New Shoes and Some Shells

Today, 12/2/09, we went for a little field trip. We are anchored in Bahia San Gabriel - a bay in the island called Isla Espirtu Santo (24 degrees 25.7 minutes N, 110 degrees 21.57 minutes W). For our field trip, we went for a hike that led from the beach we were anchored near to a beach on the other side of the island. We took our dinghy and dinghy anchor to go and beach it. It was still high tide, so we dinghyed up to a reef, checking our depth with a paddle. The reason we did this was because the beach is very long and even and when the tide goes out we would have had to pull our dinghy all the way out to be able to float. Our dinghy is really heavy so instead, we chose to anchor to the reef and walk along the bay through 2 feet of water to the shore. Before that, Harrison and I hopped into the water to play around and waded ourselves into deeper waters. My dad took the anchor to anchor us. Once the anchor was dug in, we waled to shore and changed into dry clothes. Then we began our hike.

The path of the hike took us through a valley. It was clearly a desert, for there was a lot of cactus all around us -- some three times the size of my dad. After 2 hours, we were at the beach.

Harrison and I played a little in the water. Then Harrison dug a hole in the sand while my mom and I searched for shells and my dad slept. After a half an hour we went back.

After we had walked most of the way back we were 10 minutes away from the beach where our dinghy was. The Mangroves stretched into a swamp that was right in front of us. The river was muddy and brown, and unless we wanted to push our selves through it we had to go back and round the rest of the mangroves that stretched backward and also be hiking through thick mud. We we decided to go back and around and it and it added another half hour to our hike.

So, now my green shoes are brown and heavy. And, I guess you could say tat I have two souvenirs from from our little day trip. One pretty, one not so pretty. My shells will be the same forever and hopefully my brown shoes will turn green again.



  1. Wow danielle! that sounds cool! All your boating adventures seem so awesome!
    I hope i can see you soon!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful hiking day- Danielle- your descriptions are fabulous.
    Thank you for the birthday card wishes- I just got the card in the mail!
    Love to all
    Auntie Moe Moe and gang

  3. Danielle, sounds like you enjoyed the day on Isla Espirtu Santo despite all the mud - hope your shoes have already been cleaned. You are learning and seeing so many interesting things and places. Are you keeping a diary so that you can remember all this?
    Love hearing from you - your writing is great, and so interesting to read.
    Love you lots...

  4. Sorry about the shoes but WOW, is that a beautiful beach!! I think this is my favorite post so far, because I really could picture so much of what you describe. Keep up the writing, it is so enjoyable for all of us land-lubbers.

  5. Dear Danielle,
    You sound like you are an author. You could write a book.
    I hope your brown shoes turn green again too.
    Why would you buy green shoes to begin with anyway??
    miss you.

  6. It sounds like that was quite the treck!
    Marlee was just joking about the green comment. She actually loves the colour green too.
    I am so envious of your warm and sunny weather. It is cold and windy in T.O. - brrrr!
    We are already wearing our winter jackets!
    miss you.

  7. I think you should go for a walk in wet grass if your shoes haven't gone back to green yet. You could start having layers of your trip on your shoes!!
    Nice handstand in the pic!!
    Love you..