Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Lego

My mom told me, "I read in a sailing book that said a kid that is cruising needs lego."  But I have so many legos that my friends that have lego come to my boat to play lego.  I have two big 2-gallon bags and 2 small.
I built a car with so many details, it looks like a model.  It has a trailer full of a toy hand car wash, that has something that says, "$15.00" so I tell people "$15.00 for a hand car wash."  My friends Tristan (6) and Noah (7) come to play legos with me.  I guess my mom's book was correct! 


  1. Hi Huss,

    So glad to hear you are making friends on your adventure. We just got back from a Chanukah party and Sammy got lego. We are working on a k-nex race car right now that Bubie got him for Chanukah. Those activities sure are great...especially for a rainy December day at home...or a quiet day at sea, I suppose!

    Sammy and Hannah are both outside at our neighbors right now building a snowman. I'm sure that is hard for your to imagine given the scenery you have right now. It is supposed to warm up a bit over the next couple of days so the snowman will probably melt very soon.

    We're now working on putting batteries into a microphone that Sammy got from his Auntie Jennifer. I'm hoping he'll put on a full rock concert for us tonight. Uh Oh..just found out we don't have the right size and now Jeffy has to go to the store.

    Keep having fun and writing often,
    I love you!

  2. Lego is definitely the toy of choice no matter where you are. It's a good thing you brought it with you. Mom's are always right even if you don't want to think so at the time :)
    Enjoy the warm waters at sea - it is so cold here!!
    Happy Channukah. Did you remember to bring your menorah when you packed the lego?
    miss you.

  3. Huss, your car sounds phenomenonal - I'll bet Zaidah would love to see it and even play with it (and so would I)! You are so lucky to have so many friends to play with. I also love the picture of you and your frineds on the dock (fom your mom's last blog).
    I'm glad you listened to your mom about the lego - they always seem to know what you like.
    Keep having fun... love you all...