Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A comment on your comments

We just wanted everyone to know how much we enjoy receiving your comments. While we cannot reply to each one, we gather around the computer each night after the dishes are done and read all of them. We get so excited to hear from you all, so please keep them coming. They are a wonderful source of encouragement for the kids' writing, and they are our connection to the 'real' world. In fact, we have no clue what's going on in the world at all - other than the weather. We'll do a separate post on weather one of these days, I'm sure, but suffice it to say we know when there is a storm in California as it usually travels down here...

Back to your comments. We've heard from old friends and new, business colleagues, people that we haven't spoken to in years and acquaintances. We've been hearing from our family in Toronto almost daily - more than when we are on land - and we are loving it!! We love each and every comment, whether from a familiar email address or not. It's like our own personal Facebook page on the water.

Let us know what you're curious about, or what you'd like to hear more on.

We do try to post photos whenever we can, but we do require internet access to post more than one or two at a time. When we do post via the Single Sideband radio (i.e. when we don't have internet), it uses up limited time we have to receive and send emails, so we often choose to wait until we have internet access.

I also have to say that I love my friends and family! Your support after my last post was so welcomed, you have no idea. Just so that you know, it's been back to a great experience since then. In fact, our buddy boats started grounding their kids until they'd get their work done - could it be that we set the tone?

And so, please keep commenting.

Signing off from San Evaristo on the Baja Peninsula,
24 degrees, 54.633 minutes N; 110 degrees, 42.367 minutes W


  1. And for all of us back home, I can say for myself that reading your posts is so much fun. I can hear each one of you talking and it makes the distance not seem so great. So keep them coming!! And pictures too, they are terrific. And yes, it has been cold and stormy in CA. Looks like rain today.

  2. And I just figured out how to post comments from my iPhone from the Google RSS feed. So cool!!

  3. Hi Michael,

    You'll get an automatic email because I removed you from the Winter Sailstice at

    Glad to hear you are doing well on your family adventure. I'll pass the word among your Got Wind and Water friends.


  4. Hello to all of the Mitgang/Gottesman clan,

    I just want you to know that ALL of your posts make me smile and wish we could come over for a Barb cooked meal!

    The kid's writing is amazing and you can hear the how much they are maturing (you may not see that).

    Michael's venting after Barb's was quite good - I don't know who I felt more sorry for! In all honesty, everyone needs to vent once and a while and under the circumstances you both have taken a while!

    Michael is sure someone I would want on a boat with me...and Barb for all of her great gifts as well. You guys make a wonderful team together.

    Hearing about all the great sites and all of the "fun" things you are doing while we are just doing the "same old things" everyday is really a treat.

    It is pretty cold here and school will be out pretty soon...are you giving your kids a "winter break"?

    Miss you all TONS and look forward to more of your blogs. BIG HUGS.

    Sharon (Matthew and Rebecca too.)

  5. heyy!!! i miss you so sosososossoosososososoososososososoosoossoosoosososoosososossosoososoososoososoosoosososososoosoosososososoosoosoososososososoososoososooosoososoosososososooso much!!!!! i hope you are all having lots of fun!!!!!!! love,talzi

  6. Hey Mitgang Gottesmans!! For some reason, we have used e-mails more than postings, so my apologies for that. Michael and Barb, you are a true inspiration. And the quality and content of writing, well believeme, nothing happening in the news is quite as impressive!! Danielle, I could feel as if I was there with you, a bit scared, and really excited about being so close to marine life! Have I said I miss you enough???
    We still feel like part of our family is far away, so thanks for each and everyone of your postings. Just know that we eagerly await their arrival....LOTS OF LOVE, The Saal-Dalma's

  7. Hi all's freezing cold here (-8 degrees C, ~ 18 degrees F for you) today.
    Glad that all's looking better at your end - I knew it would.
    Hope the home schooling is okay these days.
    Allan and I are leaving for Ottawa tomorrow for the weekend to visit with Natalie, Louis and Toby. Will celebrate Chanukah with them. I will be bringing them a turkey breast, vegetable-squash soup,etc....including desert.
    Will you be making potatoe latkes (4 potatoes, 1 onion, 2 eggs, 1/3 c. flour, 1 tspn baking powder, salt & pepper - and lots of oil for frying) for Chanukah. Do you have a Chanukia - you can improvise if not.
    Please send us a tentative itinerary for the next 1 - 2 months, if possible.
    Love you all...HAPPY CHANUKAH!

  8. Hi Everyone Glad to hear it's smooth sailing again - we all need a chance to vent.
    It is SO cold here-I am finally wearing my Down coat.We have snow but the sun is wonderful-silly Bubie-still loving winter-just too cold!
    We are having Chanukah at Mandels tonight-how do you celebrate on the high seas-THAT we need pictures of & I'm sure you,Barb, thot of that a long time ago. How does Bubie send presents or does it have to wait till I bring them?
    Had a wonderful time in Montreal-everyone sends love & are totally curious. We read the "famous" blog with Nancy & Marvin so there was a LOT of dicussion. Auntie Edythe is doing quite well & talks very lovingly of all of you.
    This a.m. we had the Chanukah concert at Heschel-SO cute. The kids were very excited & they did a great job.
    Hope you are all feeling well. Love you & MISS you. Lots of hugs & kisses.

  9. Hello - I am flying back from Paris (they have Wi-Fi on some flights) and wanted to leave a comment on your comment page! Of course I am fascinated by everything you post about because it is such an adventure. But on the geeky side, it would be great to hear how your VOIP works now that you unplugged if from your house and brought it on your boat, how you get Wi-Fi at sea and how the natives in the areas you visit use or don't use technology. I was just in Paris and their 3G system has better reception then I get in my own house! But they use technology in a different way that we do in the us. In Paris I found they are more practical about technology, use online social networking but are in the early phase of adoption. On the Metro you see very few that are on a cell phone (I saw more people reading books) - compared with the US where everyone never leaves their connection.

    We are all so excited for you and so much enjoy reading your daily posts..
    Luv and hugs, Beth Blecherman