Friday, August 20, 2010

What's for Dinner? And Other Food Items

Last week, we decided to take an inventory of our stores, and especially what's still in our freezer, given that we will be away from the boat for three weeks beginning on September 1. Of our kosher meat (which we've been ordering from the kosher butcher in Mexico City, the last time being in March just before Passover), we still had one 8-piece cut-up chicken, 4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts, a package of sliced turkey, and a package of pastrami. The pastrami was eaten on my/Michael's birthday, we've had the turkey for sandwiches, we've barbequed the chicken (plus took a couple of pieces off for a chicken matzah ball soup), and Danielle has asked for a chicken curry dish for her birthday on the 23rd.

We've also got two of those large salmon sides from Costco, a box of fish sticks, and some frozen mahi mahi from one of our big catches. There are some Boca Burgers (chickenless chicken patties as well as the tofu burgers) and some tofu sausages. Other than that, it's all frozen fruit. We'll be having lots of fruit smoothies over the next couple of weeks.

With all of this, I put together a matrix for lunches and dinners, and by my calculations, we should have an empty freezer by the time we leave. I've even included some blank spots assuming our luck in the fishing department continues.

And by the way (and this is for my mother's benefit as well), Michael and the kids were picking scallops for some friends (who also made some for Michael). The kids and I are still keeping kosher. The scallop hunt was still loads of fun - until we learned that it is illegal for non-Mexicans to do so. That's the end of that.

Last night, Danielle cooked us an incredible dinner of mahi-mahi fish burgers with home-made rosemary buns, Asian coleslaw (made by Harrison), and oatmeal raisin squares. This was, perhaps, one of our best meals yet, and we were able to share it with our friends Leo and Cecil of the Chat de Mer (during an intense game of Mexican Train).

It may be because of the delicious and healthy home-cooked meals we're having (no restaurants around here!), but the kids are growing like weeds. Harrison wore his running shoes today for a hike and they are already getting too small - we bought them big in mid-February. His ribs are still showing, yet he's gotten to be pretty muscular and tall. Danielle is almost as tall as I am yet is long, lanky and also muscular.

Having said all that, I can't wait to eat a good bagel and other great crusty fresh bread, some Korean food, Vietnamese pho, and meat - plenty of meat.

La Ramada cove, just north of San Juanico, BCS, Mexico

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  1. You sound like your mother with her obsession for food and using up every last scrap of leftovers into novel dishes.
    I loved reading your descriptions - "what'cha gonna do about nothin'" - appropriate for your boat's name ...
    Keep cooking and having fun ...
    Love to all ...