Wednesday, August 4, 2010

43 degrees Celsius and melting

I am sitting in REAL heat.  Not the kind where you think your 4-day heat wave is lasting 3 days too long.  This one doesn’t end.  There’s no air conditioning to get a reprieve.  There’s just sweat, and lots of it.  There’s no touching.  There’s no intimacy.  There’s no exercising.  What there is plenty of is grumpiness.  And sleepness nights.  And slo-mo. 

We’ve been out of La Paz for just over a week, and we thought it couldn’t get any hotter than it was there (104 degrees Fahrenheit).  It actually wasn’t so bad in La Paz, since at night it would cool down to about 69 degrees – and we’d need blankets by morning.

Since La Paz, we’ve been to San Evaristo, then Agua Verde, and now Puerto Escondido – all along the eastern coast of the Baja Peninsula – and it keeps getting hotter as we go.  Yesterday, we rented a car for $40 for a 24 hour period just so that we could sit in air conditioning.  We split up the rental so that we’d get it over a two day period. You go to desperate measures when you are this hot.  The thermostat in the car registered 43 degrees Celsius (that’s about 118 degrees Fahrenheit, folks) yesterday at 6:30 p.m.  Our trip to Loreto (30 miles north of Puerto Escondido) was great – both days – but then we had to return the car.

We got to Puerto Escondido 4 days ago in time to see our friends on Rocinante off (they’ll be in Seattle for the next 6 weeks – lucky them!), and had the benefit of hanging out in their air conditioned hotel room for a couple of hours.  The swimming pool at their hotel was a hot bath, as is the sea water. 

Can we survive this heat without completely melting?  Time will tell.  We are counting down the days until we get to northern California, where today it was a balmy dry (gulp) 70 degrees. 

From Hot-As-Hell Mexico,


  1. Not Noah...Apryl...don't know why it pops up like that!

    I am lying in bed, in Tahoe, with a case of vertigo. Can't lift my head! But the view from here is of tree tops and blue sky, and there is a cool breeze coming in thru the open windows. I have on the down puff and was just thinking how unbelievably comfortable the temp is. So sorry for you, the heat there sounds unbearable. I guess the upside might be weight loss? And not sure if you can see it from your screen, but the advertisements at the bottom of my page here are for air conditioning systems. Talk about targeted marketing!!

  2. This is one of the times that I'm happy not to be there - I could never survive in that heat! I thought your boat had air-conditioning, or is it not possible to use in the heat?
    It seems like you are all doing your best to cope. What do the rest of the folk do there in the heat?
    Not meaning to rub it in, Allan and I have just spent several weeks traveling along the St. Lawrence River (seaway), in Quebec province, with glorious weather and magnificent scenery. We're presently in Lantier in pretty cool weather - after some hot muggy weather (but hardly anywhere near your temperatures).
    Try to keep cool - it's not very healthy to be in such heat. Keep yourselves wet, drink lots of water and use with lots of sunscreen.
    Love you all...x x x

  3. Doesn't your boat have AC? If it does...which I think it does why are you not running it?

    Would love to know the answer to this one.