Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reflections of the Past Year

My lifestyle for the past year has been very different from what it's been in past years, given that I'm living on a boat in Mexico.

In an everyday lifestyle, kids' entertainment is laid out before them. They have dance, sports, TV, theater, and lots of other things. I have activities too, like swimming and playing at the beach, but I don't have TV or sports like the ones at home, things that used to take up most of my time. Instead, I rig up zip lines and swings, some that hang you off the side of the boat.

Living in Mexico is like going to camp every day. Water sports after school, is always the first on our agenda when at an anchorage. My favorite is scurfing, a version of wake boarding, except for the fact that your feet aren't locked in because you're standing on a surfboard. Close seconds are wake boarding, knee boarding, boogie boarding, surfing, snorkeling, and just plain old swimming. On this trip, I learned how to build a bonfire, surf, scurf, and dive off of higher points than I was used to. I'm still working on my back flips!

I've also made many friends on this trip, Mexican and American/Canadian. At home, I've had most of my friends since kindergarten. But here, I've started all over. One of the Mexicans that I befriended didn't speak any English at all. But I still managed to teach her how to juggle devil sticks!

Throughout the trip, I gradually gained more freedom. I learned to drive the dinghy and to do it alone. That's like driving a car while your parents are still home. I've also done dinghy landings, getting the dinghy onto the beach. I go almost everywhere alone, when at home, my mom was reluctant to let me go to the park around the corner.

Even with all those activities and new experiences, I'm still an everyday kid with school, chores, and after school activities that I don't get to do until school's done.

I think I've grown a lot this year and I've had fun trying out a new lifestyle.

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  1. Hi Danielle-
    I read your post to Noah, Hannah and Sarah today while we were sitting on the couches around the roller (ice) rink at Northstar...as we were trying to decide which fun activity to choose for the day. They really liked hearing about all the fun things you have been doing and are soooooo looking forward to seeing you very soon. We can't wait to hear about all this and more from you, in person. Keep enjoying your adventure.
    Lots of love from the Sterns

  2. Hi Danielle I love your blog- you are having an amazing opportunity that few kids (or adults) can ever imagine. All your skills will be an advantage for you forever.
    Love you & miss you all Bubie

  3. One thing is for sure, Danielle - you have grown and matured tremendously - become more responsible, a phenomenal writer, an analytical thinker, and so much more...while still enjoying all you do.
    Every time I read your blog I believe it's one of your parents writing, that is, until I reach the end and read your name as its author.
    I love you and miss you so much...and that hasn't changed...

  4. Danielly Belly!
    Great blog. Glad the devil sticks are helping you make new friends! :-)
    Miss you tons...
    Have fun.