Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Loreto - Take Three

Seriously.  Here we are, once again in the Mission Hotel in Loreto.  This visit was unplanned, but we discovered last night as we went through our clean laundry that Harrison's top sheet was missing.  We got up early once again, to head south for the 6 miles to Loreto, to pick up our top sheet.  When we entered the laundromat, there it was, folded neatly and sitting on the table waiting for us.  We made a quick stop for internet, and now we are heading back to the boat so that we can quickly raise anchor.  We'd like to get to San Juanico, our next destination 26 miles north (would have been 18 miles from Isla Coronados), before dark.

(from Loreto once again)


  1. You guys must feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog day!

  2. There's no rush...
    Take it easy...
    Who's waiting anyways???
    What a life!