Monday, August 16, 2010

Loreto - Take Two

We arrived in Loreto by boat yesterday (Sunday) for the weekly market.  The ride takes about 2 hours, so after getting up at around 6:30, lifting anchor in Isla Coronado, reanchoring in front of Loreto, and heading to the market, we got there around 9 a.m.  We got our fresh produce, and took it back to the boat.  We were quick so that we could run some additional errands, like picking up some dry goods at a grocery store, hitting the fishing store, the hardware store, the laundromat, the gas station (for our dinghy), and some lunch.  However, as we were getting into our dinghy to head back to shore, some dark clouds (cumulonimbus, as I'm told) quickly came over the water from the mountains.  The winds picked up and the water got extremely choppy.  After consulting with a number of other boaters also anchored there, we decided to 'skidaddle'.  In just a few minutes, we had raised anchor and were on our way to out run the storm.  It was rather exciting - the cool rain started coming down, the winds churned and tossed us around, and we were scurrying to get electronics into the oven, as well as anything outside the boat inside (shoes, clothes, towels, or anything that might blow off).  For the first time since our last overnight crossing, we all wore our lifejackets. Although our plan was to continue north after our trip to Loreto, we instead decided to take refuge back at Isla Coronado.  It was a great day after that - much cooler temperatures.

This morning we got up to do it all over again.  I am currently sitting in the Mission Hotel (free internet) after a day of laundry, hardware store, fishing store, lunch, gas station and ice cream!  We'll head back to Isla Coronado this evening and then get up early tomorrow morning to continue north.

-Barb (from Loreto, BCS, Mexico)


  1. This kind of excitement must have made your day - the kids must have loved it (or were they scared?)!
    Hope is all well and that you're on your way back north.
    Miss you all...Love, etc...

  2. love the mercata!