Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A word on Fishing

Fishing is one of my favorite pastimes on this trip. I learned to fish by many people but I'll just tell you about two of them. The first one is Glenn, who was our next door (boat) neighbor at a dock in San Diego for a bit and then he went to a mooring. The second guy is Mark. He is (or was, depending on when you read this) our crew on our boat.

There are four different types of ways to catch fish. First is trolling, which is when there is a long line out the back or side of the boat. The second way is casting. You throw the line and wheel it in. The third way is to let the line down and wait, wait, wait and wait until you get a bite. Finally, the fourth way is to have a hand line. It's like the first way but it isn't on a pole.

I fished in the Pacific and in the Gulf of California. I caught lizardfish, a big-eyed tuna and a bloody mackerel. I saw striped mullet but we didn't catch them. I also caught a puffer fish but you can't eat it.

I like fishing because it is a game of patience. I can't wait to catch our next fish.

Signing off from Bahia de los Muertos, Baja, California


  1. Dear Huss,

    Glad you are enjoying your new pastime.

    I never really understood the point in fishing. Waiting quietly, can't talk, catch a fish with a hook in his mouth, only to throw it back into the water.

    I know Jeffy likes fishing though, and Sammy and Hannah did it a few times this summer also and loved it. Zaidy Harold also loved fising.

    At least now your family has something to eat, other than an avacodo, a tomotoe and an apple.. thanks to you!

    Keep having fun.
    Love you...

  2. Hi Huss,

    Your descriptions on the different ways of fishing are amazing. Did you know that many aboriginals (early native people) also used to fish by harpooning (seals and large fish)?

    I'm so jealous 'cuz I also love fishing - I find it so relaxing and peaceful, so I can appreciate how you feel. I used to fish (by casting) in Lac Long with my dad (he always put on the bait for me), catching perch and bass that we later ate. My brother Itz also loves to fish.

    How many times have you been able to also eat what you caught? It gives you a real sense of accomplishment.

    When Zaidah and I were in Brazil we went fishing on the Amazon River (the longest river in the world). We used raw meat for bait and caught piranhas (ugly small fish with sharp teeth that eat any kind of flesh, including human - ugh...). After we caught them our guide (who also put on the bait) threw them back into the river. The natives fish and actually eat them!

    Hus, I must tell you that your writing has really improved and I love getting a note from you. Zaidah and I check our email daily to hear from all of you.

    Until the next time we connect, lots of love and happy fishing!

  3. I hope you have a great time sailing and I hope you have more fun things on the boat and i hope you do more fun stuff in the next half of November and in December.
    What is you favorite kind of fish?
    Did you really like the puffer fish what you got?

    I see a new fish what I never seen before. it had a round face and two eyes and one nose and one mouth and (one two three four five six seven eight) and eight n-tnesiticles. (I think that means tenticles). Its a octapus.
    From :

    Harrison- we would love to know what your favorite type of fishing is and why? Also, it is interesting to hear that you know you need to be patient if you are fishing and yet, you can't wait to fish again. Does that make you patient, or not?

    Please update a photo when you can - we would all love to see some of the beautiful landscape.
    love and kisses to all from (signature typed by kids):
    MAUREEN & Jason.

  4. Hi Harrison

    Sounds like a great trip. Two weeks ago I was in Africa (Kenya). I was in a desert and they are having a major drought so I didn't see any fish. However, a river ran right by the lodge I was staying at and about 100 feet from the dining room there was a family of hippos, sometimes in the water and sometimes lying on the shore. I also saw rhinos, lions, chetas, zebras, giraffes and lots of impala, cape buffalo and gazelles as well as different birds.

    I am following your trip on Google Earth. Its easier when your messages contain your map coordinates at the end. I hope all of you will continue to include them.

    Lots of love to all,


  5. Hi Harrison You are sounding amazing and your descriptions are so interesting. Zaidy Harold would have loved to be fishing with you. We went on fishing trips when your Dad was your age
    but I don't think he really liked it. I don't think he liked eating fish then either but I'm sure he ate what you caught especially if you haven't been grocery shopping yet!
    I open my computer every morning, eagerly looking for a message from any of you. I love this diary.. it's like I'm travelling along with you.
    I hope you are all feeling well. I would love to see some new pictures.
    Love & hugs & kisses to everyone BUBIE

  6. Harrison -
    wow you do sound fantastic. I can't even imagine what you are experiencing. It really is an adventure of a lifetime and I am sure you will realize it even more when you are older.
    Home schooling must be fun and I hope your mom is giving you all A's.
    I wonder if Russell would like that? He would if there was a subject for his DS.
    I can't wait to hear more.
    Auntie Sandi

  7. HI Hussy -
    It's Russell. I wish I was there fishing with you. I don't even know some of the names of the fish you caught. Did you eat them for dinner? How is home schooling? Is your mom a good teacher?