Monday, November 23, 2009

Bigger Adventures Await U.S. Family

[Since many of you have asked why we decided to take this trip, I wrote a news article for one of my writing assignments on this topic.]

Bigger Adventures Await U.S. Family

Think about it. Wouldn't you want to have more adventure in your life? If you follow that dream it could happen. And for the Mitgang family (Michael and Barbara and their kids Danielle-11 and Harrison-8) it did. After buying a 46 foot Fountaine Pajot catamaran sailboat in September, they recently left with the Baja-Haha, a cruisers' rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, in late October.

"I've always wanted to do something like this, so, we're doing it," says Michael Mitgang, 45. "My kids are at a great age and my wife is all on board. And what better way to weather out this lovely economy we're dealing with!"

The family had many mixed feelings about the trip, but everyone ended up happy. "At first I was nervous and excited. Then I was just nervous. Now I'm really excited," says Barbara, 44, who is also doing the homeschooling.

Danielle is certain that this trip so far has been the best adventure of her life. "I love sailing to different places I've never been to, snorkeling, swimming, and hiking. I know I'll have so many stories when I come back because, from the last 2 months, I already have hundreds!" she says enthusiastically.

And there have indeed been many adventures. "My biggest adventure was when our toilets weren't working so I had to go to a local restaurant," states Harrison. "I missed the dock as I was getting off the boat and landed in the water. I climbed onto the boat yelling 'Man Overboard'. " He adds, "When I was dried off, I was so scared, I didn't have to go to the bathroom anymore!"

Their current plans are to sail through Mexico and possibly Central America for a year. As Michael says, "Live now and worry about the future later."


  1. Danielle, it's hard to believe that you, an 11-year old, can write such a beautiful and eloquent essay. Your explanations and descriptions are amazing and you asked the perfect questions, then quoting the answers.
    And the video - what an idea - although a pretty scary experience for Harrison (which I hope you don't do again!)...also good question given for this interview.
    By the way, what were those hand signals from your mom all about?
    All in all, my grade for this assignment rates an A+++! I loved it...and you as well!!!

  2. Danielle, great article! Harrison, great interview! Love both of your posts.
    Please give your mom a time out for her inappropriate but very funny behaviour.

  3. Hi Harrison and Danielle -
    we just read Danielle's posting and we all started laughing so hard about your bathroom story. Sounds like you know all the boating lingo by the "man overboard" comment.
    Danielle - wow. Your writing is so good. I think your teacher should skip you to the next grade. Your story writing is fab.
    btw - we loved the video and watching your mom behind harrison.
    miss you guys.

  4. What an awesome post! They keep getting better and better everyday...very entertaining. Your mother definately needs a detention! Love the interview and the definately have a future in journalism.
    Looking forward to your next post...

  5. Hi Harrison & Danielle
    Your posts are so interesting.. How I love receiving them & keeping up with all your adventures. I especially loved the video so I could see you & hear your voice. You all look so great.
    Are you getting new crew? I'm sure you will miss Karen & Mark. They sound like really super people & terrific new friends. Love you Bubie