Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Start of Adventures

The Start of Adventures

Yesterday was the most fun on the trip so far! We went to a place in Cabo San Lucas called Pelican Beach. Pelican Beach has the best snorkeling in Cabo (rated by locals). When you snorkel, you always have to use the buddy system so that you stay safe. My friend and crew member, Caren, was my buddy. She taught me how to equalize under water when your ears start to hurt. I was fascinated by all of the sea life that I'd never seen before (it was my first time snorkeling). Caren showed me many beautiful fish. There was so much coral growing on the rocks and many schools of fish below. We saw fan coral-brown, tree-like coral-purple, orange, and brown, bubbly coral-orange, and mossy coral-lime green. The fish we saw were angel fish, trumpet fish, and fish of many different colors. One of the fish was black and was even spotted with blue sparkles-literally! But crossing from rock to rock is harder than it sounds, for it is like crossing a street with broken traffic lights, no police officers, no cameras, and speeding cars because of all the pongas. It was best day trip ever!




Pongas-small fishing boats used as water taxis.

Cabo San Lucas-Mexican city at the point of the Baja Peninsula

Trumpet fish-long skinny fish




  1. Hey Munchk,

    Glad to hear you are having such a good time. I love your descriptions. I hope your English teacher is giving you high marks for your blogging...you deserve them!

    The snorkelling sounds amazing, and I imagine myself swimming along right next to you!

    I check your blog everyday with the kids and they look forward to hearing about your adventures...keep them coming.

    Love you and miss you...

  2. Hi Danielle,
    Your snorkelling sounds incredible. Zaidah and I have snorkelled several times so I know what you mean by the ocean beauty - the ocean is a world onto its own. You just need to be cautious because you are an intruder in its (the ocean's) world.
    Your excitement of the trip comes through in your writing. Are you also enjoying your home schooling...any new projects coming up?
    Keep blogging...we all love reading about your adventures.
    Love, hugs and kisses to all... x x x x x

  3. Hi Danielle,
    wow isn't snorkeling the best?!!!
    We love to snorkel. Hope to hear more about your sea (and under-seas) adventures!!
    Pretty soon you'll be able to name every fish you see!
    Sharon, Matthew & Rebecca

  4. Dear Ducky and Vacuum,

    I hope you have a good time this year on your boat. I hope you don't drown and I also hope that you stay safe on your boat. I really hope you're enjoying home school..or should I call it boat school? I really do hope that your family and any friends that you brought with you have fun on your boat with you.

    Auntie Barb and Uncle Michael...I love you. Ducky...vacuum...I love you too.

    Snorkelling sounds fun. Maybe we can come visit and go snorkelling together.

    love hannah

  5. Dear Danielle,

    I am glad you are having such a good time. It seems so cool how you can go snorkeling in the water eventhough it is so cold here. I hope maybe one day I could come and see your boat and go snorkeling with you. You would think that you would be bored but it seems like you actually have a lot to do.

  6. Danielle -
    It sounds like the snorkeling is amazing. I too love snorkeling but you are right it takes some time to get your breathing right so you feel relaxed. Hope you had sunscreen on your back because you can really get burnt doing it. I am really in awe when I read all of the postings and what you are doing. We will be leaving soon to go to bubie's for shabbat dinner. Maybe we could have shabbat dinner on the boat.
    love you.

  7. Hey Danielle,
    That sounds like fun. I wish I could go snorkeling, since I have never gone before. I have so many tests next week, it's actually insane. It sounds like you're having so much fun and that the weather is amazing. I am very jealous of you because I hate wearing jackets to school. Get a good tan for me! My mom is now starting to be very strict about us taking all of our vitamins, 3 a day!!! We are leaving soon for shabbat dinner. I hope you're having fun.
    Love you and Miss you!!