Thursday, November 12, 2009

Snorkeling at Pelican Beach

[This blog entry was a culmination of a descriptive paragraph (using adjectives) and ordering events (such as instructions) that Harrison was assigned as part of his homeschooling. The snorkeling took place a few days ago.]

When I went snorkeling at Pelican Beach, I saw hundreds of different colorful, beautiful fish. We swam around different shaped and colored rocks that were wet and rough. The waves were tall from all the pangas that were zooming by. The current was so strong, pushing us out and into the shore. The sand under the water looked like waves and when the real waves came, they made the sand waves go flying. When Mark (our crew) and I went walking along the rocks and beach, the sand under our feet felt rough.

Our friends from Journey, another kid boat, came to Pelican Beach with us.

Kid Boat: a boat with kids
Pelican Beach: a beach in Cabo San Lucas

How to Put on Snorkeling Gear:
1. Put on mask and snorkel.
2. Put on fins in the water.
3. Breathe in and put head in the water to see if snorkel is of the water.
4. Walk backwards.
5. Start swimming and breathing with hands on your back.


  1. Definately an A+ post...great ordering...I'm going to follow your instructions today and see if I can manage to snorkel. Oh's cold and grey here. When I read your posts, I imagine it's beautiful and sunny outside!

    Hope your teacher is being too strict with you!

    Glad to hear you are having fun and there are other Kid Boats...noone has mentioned that yet in other blogs. How much longer are you going to be at Pelican Beach? It sounds like it's been a few days already. If you stay there till xmas, maybe we could come visit?

    Keep having fun...and keep writing. We love the blogs!


  2. Nice post Harrison and I love the takeaways. Very social-media conscious of you.

    Hope you add some pictures to your blog. I add a picture to my blog post every time.

    Remember. 1 picture = 1000 words and 1 video = 5000 words :o)

    Maybe you want to see my latest post on a TV show that I grew up with.

  3. Meant to say...I hope your teacher ISN"T being too strict with you!

  4. Harrison,
    I am so impressed with your writing...your teacher is very good at her work...
    It sounds like everyone is having such a great time and there are other kids your age to hang out with.
    We love reading all of your daily posts - keep them coming.

    Miss you all. Love, Sharon, Matthew and Rebecca (and Haley too of course!)

  5. Harrison, great write-up. I feel like I am there with you! I am impressed that you are swimming with hands on your back! Do you have a floatation device (vest) or are you "solo" with just fins and the snorkel gear? When I swim with fins and snorkel, I sometimes like to have my hands in front of me. Makes me feel like Superman "flying" through the water! The Sea is a powerful thing, and it's great that you were able to feel the huge power of the swells and see them move the sand on the bottom.
    Keep the reports coming!
    Matthew Weeks

  6. Bronna is finally showing me how to do this so I can write you Love getting all the updates...
    almost fels like I'm sailing along with you!!!
    Love you all Bubie Mom Fagel!

  7. Hi Huss,
    Your adjectives give a perfect picture of the beauty that you see around you. Do you know the names of some of the beautiful fish that you saw?
    Also your instructions on using the snorkeling gear was great...(Why do you walk backwards??). How many sets do you have on board - or are you renting them?
    Your homeschooling is working -- I would definitely give you an "A".

    Love you all and miss you -- lots of hugs...keep blogging...x x x x x