Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Crew and Friend, Mark

[Harrison's writing assignment was to write a biography.  He chose our crew member and friend, Mark McNulty, who has been sailing with us since the very beginning but will unfortunately be leaving us in a couple of days.]
I met Mark when he drove his truck to our boat in San Diego. Mark's nicknames are Milk and Markus.  He was born on September 19, 1970, so he is 39 years old.  Right now he is our crew.
Mark is very caring for kids and loves playing with them.  He is more than okay to help my dad trouble shoot problems on the boat. Mark is good at solving puzzles. He also loves playing guitar, fishing and sitting on the beach.  Mark says, "I love to relax."  He crossed the Pacific by himself on a trimaran with only a bucket as a toilet.  He is so cool!


  1. Hi Harrison:

    Anyone who can cross the Pacific with only a bucket as a toilet IS really cool! Sounds like he has been a nice friend to have aboard. And sounds like you're having a really cool time.

  2. "Dear Harrison,
    I lost my first wiggly tooth yesterday at Dara's house. I put it under my pillow for the Ranger (boys don't have tooth fairies...did you know that?). He brought me a whole pack of gum and a toonie, loonie, quarter, dime, nickel and penny. He also wrote me a note. I was so excited when I woke up this morning.

  3. I'm not so sure how cool it is to cross the Pacific with only a bucket for a toilet, but that's just my personal opinion!

  4. Hi Huss,
    Mark sure sounds cool. You can also tell that he loves to relax...playing guitar, sailing, and fishing. Did you find that hanging out with him also made you feeling relaxed, kind of soothing?
    I liked your bio about Mark very much. Did you find out about his life as a kid? Is or was he married? When will he be leaving you guys?
    I love receiving your mail...keep blogging. Love to you and all...

  5. nice biography. we would give you an A+. Hailey wants to know if you have to call her Mrs. Mom because she is your teacher??
    Mark sounds great. Sounds like you will miss him. He was lucky to have met you. Ask him to write a biography on you!

  6. I want to hear more about the lurker conversations and the deep water slide, plus who's planning on keeping the candles and matches dry during chanukah

  7. Auntie Sandi finally showed me how to log in. Sorry I was so late joining in - but it wasn't until a little bit ago that I knew I could write. (I only that I could read and not respond) All I was receiving was an email update on my cell phone. Now I am good to go.

    Well I have read everything on the website and feel that your trip can not really be explained as a trip. It is definitely more of an adventure! I am just waiting until I read that you found buried treasure on one of your snorkeling expeditions!

    I would love to see more pictures when you have a chance to post them. Keep up the writing, and I am looking forward to reading & writing with you all.

    Enjoy the travels of the seas.

    Uncle Paul