Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Relaxed Day on Anchor

Well, we arrived yesterday afternoon (Tuesday Nov 3rd) in Bahia Santa Maria two thirds of the way down the coast of Baja. It has been an awesome trip! We finally caught up with the rest of the Baja Ha Ha fleet and it was quite an impressive view to turn into this bay in the middle of nowhere and see nearly 200 boats all anchored. We joined up with the party going on at the beach and then came back to the boat for an excellent steak dinner. Today, the fleet planned to depart at 0600 to begin the final leg to Cabo San Lucas. Given that we had just arrived at Bahia Santa Maria only late the prior afternoon, we decided that we would take it easy today, sleep in, have a late breakfast, swim and then go for a late afternoon hike. Once all those other boats had left it was pretty awesome to see ours and just two others anchored in this bay. After two over nights at sea we figured we deserved a little break. Overnight sailing, which requires doing two hour watches, can be tiring after a while. We are doing 2 hour on, 4 hour off shifts with Barb and Caren sharing one of the shifts.

Catamarans are great and here is just on reason why! On Barb and Caren's shift two nights ago all of a sudden the port (left) engine alarm went on and the rpm's went to zero. We could not figure out what was causing the alarm so we turned the engine off and decided to look into the problem the next morning. Well, when we got up that next morning and went to look inside the port engine compartment we discovered that the engine room was over half full with water! We thought maybe there was a leak caused by the rope getting wrapped around the propeller but found that hard to believe. When we looked closer there was a lot of water further aft of the engine room and that was the water that was leaking into the engine room. What the #&$*@! We started pumping all the water out with a hand bilge pump (which took about four hours -- there was a lot of water) and during that time tried to figure out how all that water could have gotten into the boat. Was there a hole in the boat and if so where was it? We had not hit anything. Anyhow, we kept looking and went down onto the sugar scoops (the steps behind the boat) and there they were -- two very little holes on the bottom step. The boat has these nice outdoor carpets that are usually snapped onto the steps but we have taken them off for this passage and stowed them. My guess is that these two tiny little holes were left when the carpets were originally installed and not properly sealed! Only with extended time at sea in a boat heavy with gear and water constantly slapping up on the lower steps could that water have slowly leaked in. Well, we patched the holes with a sealant that we had, finished pumping out all the water and then finally sat back to have lunch. Now the reason catamarans are great is that if this had been a mono haul the whole boat may have been underwater (or worse), but because this was a catamaran, with built-in buoyancy, this was much more of a nuisance than a safety concern. Needless to say, it made for an exciting morning.

Well, after a great day of relaxing in Bahia Santa Maria today with the kids swimming in our outdoor swimming pool all afternoon :) followed by a sunset hike, we have departed on our final leg to Cabo San Lucas. We hope to get there sometime on Friday but as I write this there is not much wind, so we may be motoring for a while.

More later,



  1. Very exciting indeed! Keep blogging - I feel like I'm sailng with you guys. Sounds like all of you are feeling great and enjoying this phenomenal excursion. Can't wait for the next meal and post!

  2. Sounds dreamy. Glad you met up with the pack and are having fun. That pool of yours sounds great <:-) Had a dream about you all last night. Nothing too exciting, just that you all looked very tan. Don't forget that sunscreen!

  3. Love reading these - sounds like quite the adventure with views, challenges and wonderful experiences. Keep 'em coming!

  4. My first time checking out your blog (finally got the right site!) - this is an awesome diary. Maybe in lieu of school the kids can post more - it is great to read the blog not knowing who it is from until you get to the bottom. I can't wait to share the sight with Daniel and Zachary.
    I am on my to Portland for a conference and Jason just successfully completed the Alyn Hospital bike ride in Israel- he had an incredible time- the second day was cancelled due to rain and mud (visited the Golan Winery instead). He gets home on Sunday.
    Daniel is about to lose his first tooth and will liekly lose the other 7 loose ones soon. Zachary is funny (and slobery) as always.
    Glad to hear you are taking time to enjoy every aspect of the adventure.

  5. Yup, that's us, Gotteswomen late as always, I too finally discovered the blog. Hearing from each of you is fantastic. I have goosebumps, and of course tears in my eyes, missing you all. So glad to hear all is well, sounds like you are finally reaping the benefits of your hard prep work and stress ridden decisions. Enjoy, and keep posting so we can all enjoy with you, sort of... keep us posted of your itinerary, we too would like to visit you somewhere down there...xoxox D.

  6. Went to shul last night and lots of folks were asking about your blog. I put in on the website, with a link from the homepage. And by the way, where is that next entry???

  7. heyy!!! this is leah and tali!!!! we miss you all so much!!!! i am so jealous of you all..... well, danielly if you read this we both say heyy and miss you like crazy!!!!
    love you !!
    leah and tali