Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Catch-up to Present Moment

Since we wrote last, we feel like we’ve been continuing on our marathon – a pace that cruisers are not accustomed to, nor are we attracted to.  Yet here we are at Present Moment.

After Acapulco, we dashed on a rough overnight passage with large and confused seas and the wind right on our nose.   The bashing was so bad that we lost our SSSB (single sideband radio) for a time – the constant pounding of the boat must have disconnected a wire, but Michael, my technological genius, got it fixed in no time.  The pounding also had some books fall off shelves, and Danielle’s overhead fan fell off.  Thankfully, she was not sleeping below it.

We arrived in Ixtapa with plans to leave the boat immediately, pick up our rental car, and head straight to Morelia, the capital of Michoacan state, and a beautiful colonial town 3-hour’s drive inland.  While I packed, Michael cabbed it to the rental car agency but came back empty-handed.  TIM (or “This Is Mexico”) – so we waited patiently until 6 p.m. when a car finally showed up. Michael says the whole car rental experience was a Seinfeld episode.

Leaving a day late, we awoke early to start our trip to Morelia, and arrived around lunch time.  Both kids have done a blog post about all that we did there, and the side-trips to see the magical Monarch Butterflies and the gorgeous lakeside town of Patzcuaro.  Stay tuned for those details.

We returned to Zihuatenajo for Sailfest, and participated in a boat parade, a beach party and other events.  Most importantly, there were more kid boats around and we had a great time.  The kids had several sleepovers and we had several adult nights out. We particularly bonded with the crew of Blue Sky, and we'll likely be catching up with them later next week in Barra de Navidad or in Santiago Bay north of Manzanillo.

We are now at Present Moment Retreat, a yoga and spa retreat center in Los Troncones, a beach town 30 minutes’ drive north of Zihuatanejo.  Our boat is still anchored in Z-town bay, being looked out for by fellow cruisers (because that’s what cruisers do).  We’ll be here for 3 wonderful days, doing yoga and being zen.  Including Michael and the kids.  Harrison is looking forward to the drumming classes, Danielle is looking forward to yoga and the spa food, and Michael is, believe it or not, looking forward to the yoga.  I am looking forward to it all.

At Present Moment Yoga Retreat
Los Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico

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  1. Hope you are all enjoying the yoga - a welcome relief to the bit of excitement with the seas and the delays that you encountered. I'm looking forward to reading your yoga saga...