Monday, February 14, 2011

Harrison’s Morelia Journal

Jan 31st, 2011 to Feb 2nd, 2011


Day 1

After driving in the car for 3 hours to Morelia, we found a beautiful hotel with two comfortable beds and a decent size bathroom that had gorgeous square tiles. That day we also did a tour of the town and learned that one of the heroes of the War of Independence was named Jose Maria Morelos Y Pavon; Morelia was named after him.IMG_9906 I also learned that before Morelia was named Morelia it was named Valladolidad after the city in Spain. Morelia, like all Mexican cities has a main square called the Zocalo, that is surrounded with hotels, stores, houses, a church, a government building, and IMG_9947restaurants. Last but not least, I learned that an aqueduct carries water from one place to another, usually above your head, used before modern sewer systems. The aqueduct in Morelia is made out of stone and has 276 arches.


Day 2

After having a delicious breakfast including Mexican eggs and fruit with a Maraschino cherry on top, we drove to a Monarch butterfly sanctuary. When we finally got to the top of the mountain, we saw millions of Monarchs flying around, on the ground, in the trees and on us.IMG_0062
As they were flying around and pelting us, we were taking a whole lot of photos. I was standing very still so the butterflies would land on me, with their soft and tiny legs. It was like I was in a fairy-tale.

Did you know that it takes 3 to 5 butterfly generations to migrate from Canada to Mexico every year?


Day 3

On our way home to Ixtapa from Morelia, we stopped at a couple of places; one of them was the island of Janitzio in Lago de Patzcuaro, the second largest lake in Mexico. On the island there are narrow and crooked streets with steps for pedestrians only (there are no cars) that lead up to a big monument of the independence hero Jose Maria Morelos Y Pavon.
If you are okay going to high places, you can climb inside of the monument and look out of the statue’s wrist for a panoramic view. After the island, we went to the town of Patzcuaro where we had lunch and drove around to see the main squares (there are two of them) and the church.

After our three day trip, we arrived safely back home, on the boat. If I had to rate this trip out of five (with one being worst and five being best), this trip would probably be rated a two or three, because Morelia felt like other normal Mexican cities.

-Harrison, back on the boat

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  1. Even though you rated this trip a 2 or 3, it was worth it because you learned so much - history, architecture, aqueducts, butterflies, monuments, and more. They say that if you learn only one thing a day, you've achieved success - look how much you accomplished!