Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pure Fulfillment

Two nights ago, we hosted a jamming session on our boat with our dear friends Larry and Vicki Byers (s/v Rocinante - it's so good to be together again!), Tammy, Patrick, their son Jack and brother-in-law Steve (s/v Santosha) and Mary Jane and Bill (s/v Gray Max).  Michael commented it felt like camp - adult camp - with no rules (and of course we go to sleep much earlier).  It was so great, we're hosting one again tonight and calling it the Goodbye Tour as most of us will be leaving in the morning. The only difference between tonight and two nights ago is that Santosha has already headed north but s/v Blue Sky will be here.

It doesn't get much better than this.

The beach at Santiago Bay

Then, yesterday morning, Michael, Danielle and I did yoga on the beach led by Tammy (who happens to be a yoga instructor) in Santiago Bay. It's a perfect beach for yoga as it's long, flat and has clean sand. There are a couple of dozen  boats anchored in this paradise, including kid boats, great snorkeling (a ship wreck!) and visibility, palapa restaurants, a bus ride to the markets and town and so much more.  We are a bit north of Manzanillo.

Mary Jane (s/v Gray Max), avid twitcher
The bird watching gang, with binoculars, identifying birds with Mary Jane's help

And this morning, our friend Mary Jane took us on a bird walk.  She's an avid bird watcher (aka twitcher) and she was incredibly knowledgable. We identified at least 28 different species of birds in just over an hour.  We learned so much, and has us appreciating our location that much more.

We are leaving in the morning to head north as we need to get to Puerto Vallarta for a flight to California in 9 days.  We'd love to stay longer, but have already postponed our departure by a day, since s/v Rocinante is here and they'll be heading south while we head north.  We'll miss them and this time we're not sure when our cruising paths will cross again.

Santiago Bay, Colima, Mexico
19 degrees, 06.509 minutes north
104 degrees, 23.733 minutes west


  1. It really doesn't get much better than that. What a life you are living!

  2. Good friends, beautiful beaches, bird watching, yoga...and good health! It's a wonderful world for you guys - keep enjoying!