Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Break From Cruising

IMG_0166We stayed at Present Moment Spa, a gorgeous yoga retreat, for three days.  In these days, we learned new poses, got more flexible, and had a great time.

When you enter the grounds, you are entering a garden. Small but comfortable bungalows, all with porches, are scattered around a pool.  IMG_0156Each bungalow is outdoor living – the walls are only three-quarters of the way up and the rest is open to the outside and then the IMG_0155whole thing is covered with a palapa roof.  Even the bathrooms are open! Each bed has a mosquito net over it so that the bugs don’t get you at night. IMG_0147

IMG_0168A beautiful restaurant right next to the beach serves delicious foods and drinks and is a great place to sit around.  There’s a little covered wooden platform on the beachside where you do yoga and a lounge next to it.  It’s not recommended to swim in the ocean right in front of the spa, but IMG_0154if you walk down the beach a little, there is a great place to do so.
IMG_0167  IMG_0165  
IMG_0162 The yoga classes were amazing.  All the teachers were great and they all corrected you in their areas of expertise.  We took all of the yoga classes we could during our stay and learned some new postures.  One of them, the fish, is a great counter-pose for how you sit at the computer.

Everyone knows each other here.  You know the names of all the other guests and teachers and even the owner.  They’re all so happy to meet you and hear your stories.

While we were here, there was a retreat going on.  These people were getting certified in dance-yoga therapy.  They played a lot of loud music, but in the end, sorted out that the classes were at different times so as not to interfere with each other.  But, it was nice to listen to the rock instead of just relaxing all the time.

There were also options for getting massages, horseback riding, and surfing lessons, but we were pretty busy shuffling between school-work, relaxing, and classes to do any, though I’m sure they would’ve been fun.

I enjoyed Present Moment Spa a lot.  I feel more flexible and stretched out than before.  I’m really excited to use the new postures that we learned in our practice.

Present Moment Yoga Retreat and Spa
Los Troncones, Mexico


  1. The yoga sounds amazing!! You are going to be so happy you have started practicing yoga at such a young age - you will have always have the best posture and a clear mind. Im sure that was a nice break for your mom too and to not have to be cooking. Sounds like it was great.
    Did you guys go in George's car? would be hard to believe if you did!

  2. You captured your experience beautifully with your words and photos Danielle. What an amazing writer you are. Isn't yoga great?! I wish I would have found my mat at your age!

  3. Present Moment Spa is such a great name for this place, as well as for all your experiences. Sounds amazing! All I can say is keep enjoying and writing - I love reading about your adventures...