Thursday, June 24, 2010

Safe & hot in La Paz

Just a short post to let you know we arrived yesterday morning into La Paz after a long motor sail crossing from Mazatlan.  It was a smooth sail, or should I say motor; I wish there was more wind!  Now in La Paz where it is 100 degrees in the shade so we are drinking lots of fluids!  Fortunately it cools down pretty substantially at night.  Now catching up on sleep after our 38 hour crossing.

More later.

Michael (in La Paz)


  1. Glad to hear you guys made the trip safe and sound. We have had a very busy couple of days. We had Hannah's bday party yesterday - girls karate party (except for our token boy!) and then Shabbat dinner here with Ginsbergs and Mandels. It was gorgeous so we ate outside. Today (Hannah's actual bday) we were supposed to take 4 of Hannah's friends to the Mandels to swim, but it poured, so they just came over and played all day. They had a great time. It is now 7:45 and Hannah and Sammy are fast asleep already.
    We had to buy a duplicate of Sammy's bday present you got him because he loves it so much and has used up all the bricks. He comes down every morning and works on another layer of his tower. Great gift!
    This week the kids are off school, so it will be nice not to be on a schedule. On Wednesday I am taking them to STratford with Laya Rusonik and her boys to see Peter Pan. Should be a great day.
    STay cool...hugs and kisses to everyone.

  2. That must have been a very long trip. Too bad we can't average out the weather and temperature between where you are and where we are - rained all weekend which makes for a chilling June weekend.
    Hailey is leaving for camp this Thursday for the month of July. It has been quite hectic with the kids schedules now that they are off school. I feel like they each need their own personal secretary!
    Off to work and then Marles is having friends over swimming when I get home. Glad to hear all is well with you guys.