Monday, June 14, 2010

Addendum to Mimi’s Blog

I failed to mention in my last blog post, Mimi’s Blog, that you may have heard me write or speak about Mimi before in the context of the LIVESTRONG Challenge over the last two years.  Michael, Danielle, Harrison and I have participated in this bike ride, now in its third year in San Jose, CA, to help raise money in support of the fight against cancer.  Mimi, together with her husband Bob Rebitzer and daughters Elana (12) and Maya (10), has been the fearless captain of our team, the Lung Cancer Tumornators.  The ride this year will be on July 11, 2010, and unfortunately (a) Mimi will not be able to ride due to her breathing challenges, and (b) for obvious reasons, Michael, Danielle, Harrison and I will not be able to participate.

The LIVESTRONG Challenge raises money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation which inspires and empowers people affected by cancer. It provides education resources and support to cancer survivors, and advocates to make cancer a national priority. The LAF believes that unity is strength, knowledge is power, and attitude is everything.

Mimi could be the poster child for the LAF. As far as attitude and knowledge go, Mimi attributes her beating the odds to both of these factors.  As for unity, last year, our team was 50 members strong and raised more than $26,800.  Mimi herself received an award for her tireless volunteer work to raise cancer awareness in our community. Our team members ranged in age from approximately 8 to 60+ years young.  You must also know that riders are required to raise a minimum of $250, regardless of their age.

Although we can’t be there in person this year, we are proud to support the Lung Cancer Tumornators.  We continue our hope to make a difference in the battle against cancer – and hope you can too. As Mimi continues her struggle, please support her and the Lung Cancer Tumornators by making a donation of any amount by going to their team page (click here).

To all of you:  we wish you continued good health.  LIVESTRONG!


P.S. At the time of writing, only a fraction of the team members have registered. I recall that this happened last year as well (in fact I think we signed up around June 30), but I have no doubt this team will pull together once again this year and make another smashing showing…

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