Friday, June 18, 2010

Double Viva Mexico!!

We had an exciting day on two accounts.  First, Mexico won the Mexico vs. France World Cup soccer game 2-0.  I don’t usually follow sports, but it was hard not to here in Mazatlan.  As we walked through neighborhoods, dozens of houses had their doors wide open, their TV’s blaring, and their cheering heard.  Storefronts and stalls in the markets and along the streets had their TVs blaring with crowds hovered around them.  Everywhere we went, people had the Mexican colors (green, red and white) painted on their faces.  It was great national spirit.

And speaking of spirit, the State of Sinaloa and the City of Mazatlan are both in the midst of political campaigning for Governor and Municipal President (aka Mayor).  Everywhere you go, there are rallies, loudspeakers, parades, signs and crowds campaigning for one candidate or another. Trucks and cars whiz by covered in campaign signs and slogans with loudspeakers blaring their messages. It’s quite different than in Canada and the States, where the campaigning is about 1000 decibels lower.  But in Mexico it really seems to be about the people.  The campaigning is really at the people’s level.  Today we were at the Municipal Central Market and one of the candidates for Governor, together with one of the candidates for Municipal President, was giving away free chickens at one of the stalls.  

IMG_8500The crowds were going wild, the band was playing cheerfully (and loudly), and the excitement was truly catchy – and we didn’t even know who the candidates were or what they stood for.  I suspect this is what IMG_8501campaigning used to be like in the US in the old days when a candidate would hop the train and stop in the towns where a crowd would gather, speeches would be given and bands would play.

We’ll miss the actual election, which is scheduled for July 4.  Interesting date on many levels.

-Barbara (still in Mazatlan) 

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  1. I can see that you're all caught up with the Mexican way of life, and really enjoying it!
    FIFA is also big here in Toronto, being so multi-cultural - there are tens of flags flying everywhere, especially from passing cars. Every culture is routing for its own team with great pride - all in good faith.
    What is going on here now is something even bigger, the G8 and G20 meetings which are costing Canada billions of dollars. There have been gates and barriers built everywhere both in Huntsville and in downtown Toronto - with thousands of police, military, RCMP, etc. everywhere. Many businesses have shut down downtown and the traffic is horrific. So most of us are staying close to home - it's kind of relaxing for us.
    So you keep living your little sheltered lives; just don't mix in with their politics...
    Love you all...