Saturday, June 19, 2010

Comments Welcome

Oops.  For a while we were wondering why we hadn't gotten ANY comments, and were thinking it's because we've been posting blogs so often that no one has had a chance to catch up and digest.  Apparently, that was not so, but rather the Comment setting on our blog had somehow been changed to Members Only.  Whatever that means, our regular commenters and certainly our not so regular commenters were not able to post comments.  We've rectified that and you should be able to comment once again.  And please do - we love hearing from you all.  And it is our life line to land.

-Barb (still in Mazatlan)


  1. Hi guys
    I haven't commented in a while, but now that you mention it, the last time I tried it wouldn't work. I assumed it was me. Anyway, sounds like all is well with you. Glad to hear. We are in Haifa today, taking a drive to Acco. It's hot here!! I will send you seperately the link to noahs blog...he's writing about our adventures. Wonder where he got the idea??? Love to all and miss u.

  2. Hi Barb and Michael, I LOVE reading your blog posts! Just realized I could comment, so here I am. It sounds like you are having such an amazing year, with so many great experiences. I hope its living up to all of your expectations and more. We are so enjoying living vicariously through your adventures! Miss you all. xo, Leslie, Jason, Lily, Noah and Sophie

  3. Hi to all of the Mitgang/Gottesman crew,

    It sounds like you are having so many wonderful adventures and lots of life experiences. How great for you to visit Toronto and connect with family which I know means so much to your guys...
    We are all is out and Rebecca and I are down in So. Cal. visiting family and friends for the week...then on to a summer filled with camps.
    It looks and sounds like all is well there - the kids look so handsome and beautiful and their writing is quite admirable. Keep up all the great home schooling. And, be thankful you have such a handy captain in Michael.

    Enjoy - hope to hear back from you someday.


  4. I am just a lurker - I read but realized I have not commented... So here it is!! From one fellow blogger to another. I love reading about your amazing adventures - especially while I am folding laundry (gives me some excitement!).
    Big Hugs...
    Beth Blecherman