Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cruisers are like Pioneers

Harrison has been reading a book called, Smiling Hill Farm, by Miriam E. Mason, about American pioneers moving westward from Virginia to Ohio in the 1800's.  His writing assignment was to compare and contrast the lives of pioneers with those of cruisers.  We were astounded at how many similarities there are! Here is his composition:

Cruisers are just like pioneers in some ways.  For example, we live in nature and respect it.  They also lived in nature and respected it.  But the difference is curisers live on water and pioneers lived on land.  Another thing in common is adventure or the unknown because pioneers explored for new land and we have adventures exploring towns and places we've never been before. 

Next, we both have fishing in common.  We both catch fish to eat but the difference is that the pioneers fished from land and we usually fish from the water.  Fourth, we all have extra provisions that we keep.  The difference is we keep them in our bilge and they kept them in sotrerooms.

Finally, I get homeschooled just like pioneers did.  Do you think pioneer children had to write a compostion like this one?


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  1. It's amazing how you can find similarities in almost all situations! You have great insight and thinking skills...and your writing keeps getting better all the time! Keep it up Huss.
    Just think, you're almost finished this year's school, while at the same time you've been travelling and having fun and new experiences! Lucky you!
    Love to you and all...x x x