Monday, October 5, 2009


Well, we have pretty much moved into (onto) Whatcha Gonna Do, our 46 foot Fountaine Pajot Bahia Catamaran. We've decided to take our kids out of school for the year and rather than look for a job (in this fun market) to spend a year sailing in Mexico and possibly Central America. The last few months have been very chaotic -- in one week alone, we went firm on buying our boat, became US citizens, signed a consulting agreement, signed a lease on our house and moved! Boy will we need time to recover, but alas, not right now. We have much planning and preperation to do before we can depart on October 26th on the Baja Ha Ha, a cruisers rally which takes about 200 boats from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas. From there we will head up into the Sea of Cortez.

Last week our boat was hauled out of the water to have the sail drives serviced and to have a ground plate put in (for a Single Sideband Radio). We lived on the boat "on the hard" and that was quite an experience.

Barb, Danielle and Harrison have all been settling well to our new home and we are all adjusting to home schooling. Friday night we had our first dinner on the boat and enjoyed excellent, home made, challah.

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