Saturday, October 10, 2009

A New Beginning

I'm beginning to feel at home in this new space. We have two more weeks until we set sail on the Baja Ha Ha. I'm so excited! I'm sure we'll meet lots of people and see many amazing sites. I know I'll miss things in the Bay Area, but I'll also be able to see many amazing things that most kids don't get to see.

Home-schooling is bringing many opportunities. If you need a longer day then you have it. If you work quickly than you're done by noon. Since you can have a short day, you can do two days in one (if you're up for it). I'm excited to see the adventures we'll have home-schooling!

Today someone came onto our boat for a private class on first aid. We learned how to save someone when they're drowning, do CPR, and take care of fractures and breaks. I became CPR certified!

I'm excited to take on the challenges of sailing. I know it'll be a great experience!


  1. You sound so mature! I better recognize you when you come back...Love u! Love, Boppy

  2. Danielly -- can't wait to hear about all your experiences!!! We love you lots!!!!