Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dolphins on our Bow

It is now the morning of day 2 (Saturday -- Happy Halloween) (by the way don't expect updates every day)! :)
We finally stopped motor sailing yesterday morning after running engines for about 15 hours. Its good to know they work. We've been sailing ever since and this morning I have the generator running to charge the batteries and to run the water maker. Once I have the water tanks refilled it will be nice to take a shower!
Yesterday we had a few firsts -- we caught our first fish (a bonito) and made fish tacos! and -- we had a school (or is it a pod) of dolphins sailing beside our boat and under the trampoline. If we tried we probably could have reached down and touched them they were that close!
Last night was our second night at sea and things went smoothly. As it is now Saturday morning and we have left over challah I now have to begin making my traditional French toast.
Location wise, we are 240 miles south of San Diego and hope to make it to Turtle Bay tonight. Turtle Bay is just over a third of the way down the Baja. If you are interested in seeing where we are, pull out a map and look for 29 degrees 14 minutes N by 115 degrees 30.8 minutes west.
We all look forward to getting your comments through this blog. Since we don't have any internet connections, commenting on the blog is much better and easier than trying Facebook updates. Facebook and linked in though probably have apps for providing updates by email but I am not aware of them.
More later.....


  1. Happy Halloween, Mitgangs. Hopefully all treats and no tricks this year. Have you all decided to dress as pirates?

  2. Hey everyone -

    I'm going to post a map on the wall and track your progress. Love it if you can put up lat/long with every post so I can mark it with a pin.

    Where will you be December 19-25? Puerto Vallerta?

    - AB

  3. YEAH!!!!!

    Dolphins and Chullah yum yum.

    Have you seen any mermaids yet and what about the green flash at sunset?

  4. Michael....

    Fresh Tuna + Sharp Knife + Soy and Wassabi

    Best and most rewarding sushi I have ever eaten was right off the cutting board and somewhere near the bow.

    Actually it was somewhere near
    3° 58′ 30″ N, 81° 34′ 48″ W