Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Up The Mast

Yesterday we had all our crew (Caren, Mark and John) down to the boat to help get it ready for the Baja Ha Ha.  Its only 13 days away!  Given that one of the lights on the mast was not working, I took the opportunity to go up the mast in the bosun's chair to fix it.  You get hoisted up using one (or more halyards) and sit/climb up in the chair.  It gives you a whole new perspective on your boat.  Danielle and Harrison were very excited about going up the mast as well -- I think they have found a new activity in lieu of rock climbing -- given their weight and size its an easy hoist up.

Yesterday we also went out to do some sailing and practiced our tacks and flying the spinnaker.  The spinnaker is run through a "sock" so you hoist it in the sock and than raise the sock -- that way it is much more controlled.

Earlier in the day we saw a aircraft carrier depart San Diego Bay and while we were out sailing we also saw a few whales in the distance.

Today ... more work on the boat and anchor drills.


  1. Great job with the looks terrific.

  2. Mitgangs, the blog is so cool!!!
    One request: would you please include a glossary??? This Mexican is getting kind of lost.....

  3. How come I'm a follower and didnt' get notification of your post?

  4. We're excited to follow you on your adventures. xoxo

    Margo and David

  5. Hi Michael and Barb and kids. It will be fun to follow you on your adventure. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Hi Michael, Barb and Kids. The blog is great.
    If your trip takes to Florida (Boca Raon)...let me know and if I'm down, I'd love to vist.
    Have fun. Bon Voyage!
    Thanks for sharing, R.

  7. I second the motion on the glossary. what is a halyard??
    I'm going to enjoy living vicariously through you without the seasickness!!

    Ellen (Tal's mom)

  8. Weee - you all look like you are having fun. Thanks for having this blog so we can share in your adventure!