Saturday, March 19, 2011

Whatcha Gonna Do... With My Wife Barb

Whenever we get to a new spot, we check-in as a new arrival on the VHF radio’s morning net.  My usual routine checking in  goes like this: “This is the Sailing Vessel Whatcha Gonna Do with my wife Barb on board, and my two kids, Danielle and Harrison.  We’ve just arrived from…” and I continue on with the story.  We’ve just learned that several boaters are continuously getting a laugh over this, and even other boat kids now, when they hear us or someone else calling “Whatcha Gonna Do” over the VHF, respond under their breath, “…with my wife Barb”!

in La Cruz


  1. you are famous on the internet & THE vhf!!!!

  2. That's what happens when you are inseparable - you can't live without each other! I love it...

  3. made me laugh!!! It is MY wife!!! -Dennise