Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun Quotes Aboard Whatcha Gonna Do

As we get ready for a very long offshore passage there are a few funny lines that either Barb or I have said to our kids these last couple of week:

1.  “Eat ice cream!”  -- So, as we have begun to provision we have been loading the boat with enough food to hopefully last us 6 – 8 months since it is difficult to get the types of foods we are used to and at reasonable prices in the islands of the South Pacific.  In addition, Barb just made a huge order of kosher meat from Mexico City that all needed to find a home in our freezer.  So with that, we instructed our kids to eat all the remaining ice cream in the freezer (not that there was that much) to make room for the meat.

2.  “Do not read a book …. go watch a movie!”  -- We have been accumulating books for our passage and, while Danielle has been dying to read 4th though 7th Harry Potter books, we have told her she cant read them now.  She seems to be able to finish them in a couple of days.  And, while we are on shore power, it is easy to watch movies since we are plugged in.  So, with that she has not been able to read – she needs to save the books for our three week passage.  Usually parents take away TV but we take away books!

Who would have ever thought a parent would speak such words!


In La Cruz, getting ready to cross

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  1. So what activity are you partaking in or avoiding that will change your pattern of behaviour? If it's good enough for your kids, it should also work for you...