Friday, March 11, 2011

La Cruz Marina Empties Out

Last year we awoke in Tenecatita Bay to news of the earthquake in Chile and almost all the boats in the anchorage departed for deep water. Today the same thing happened but this time with a devastating earthquake in Japan and his time we were in the marina at La Cruz and decided that again we should head to deep water. Most of the boats in the marina and the other marinas in Banderas Bay departed for deep water -- this after the port captains initially closed the marinas to entry and exits. We spent a great day sailing (we have had only a handful of days with wind like we had today) and it was a great sight watching all the boats sailing on the bay. Afterwards we anchored outside Marina La Cruz as the Port Captain had later in the day closed the marina after opening and closing it a number of times and ultimately closing it for good for the night due to huge tidal swings and significant surge. We understand that the water level rose 5.5 feet and the water was surging at 12-14 knots.

Other than a little excitement here there does not appear to be any damage to boats or the coast.

Anchored just outside La Cruz.

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  1. We were wondering whether you'd sail into deeper waters again - better safe than sorry - and, to top it off, a great sail!
    Always happy to hear that you lean toward the side of caution rather than risk...