Monday, May 31, 2010

The things you can do on a bike

We just bought a a beautiful, red, folding, second-hand bike, and already it’s paid for itself. Rather than take buses or taxis to run errands, we can now ride within reasonable distances.  Michael had to return to Home Depot three times the other day in his attempts to find the right material to create a cable to lock our dinghy, and he did it all by bike.  Besides, his bike tune up was only 20 pesos (less than $2!). Now we’ll be on the morning net during the ‘swaps and trades’ segment looking to buy a second bike – although Michael is a bit reluctant: where will be put them? Our boat will soon start looking like those homeless people’s carts with all their possessions strapped to the sides.

A few days ago we borrowed a second bike so that two of us could ride with other cruisers for brunch (the other two took the bus), and the bike allowed Michael to relive some old memories as he stopped off on the way to see the Torres Mazatlan Resort where he and his family vacationed - over 25 years ago!

One issue we have not yet solved:  Bike helmets are unheard of in these parts.  Do you think it’s because bikers in Mexico just don’t have accidents? Perhaps that’s why Mexicans still ride in cars with kids in their laps in the front seats?  Or don’t wear seatbelts at all?  Or pile as many people as possible into the back of a pickup truck (okay, so we’ve tried it a couple of times)?

-Barbara from Mazatlan

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  1. Great idea, and also great exercise! I think you should all have a bike of your own, or maybe find one that is built for 2 or maybe 3 - they do exist. Have fun cycling...