Monday, May 31, 2010

A Cruiser’s Schedule

There is a popular adage that a cruiser’s schedule is written in the sand at low tide.  Yesterday was proof of that.  We started out thinking we were going for brunch at Playa Las Brujas (Witches Beach), and then we’d go to the El Cid Marina and Resort to swim in their pool.  Perhaps we’d fit in a bit of homeschooling.  Only the first part actually happened.

While at brunch, our friend Darlene of s/v Scrimshaw (who, with her husband Roy, now lives in Mazatlan full time and has also purchased and lives in a condo at the marina) told us that her friend who makes custom swimsuits and jellysuits was visiting her at 2 p.m.  A jellysuit is necessary for swimming in the Sea of Cortez this summer as there are many jellyfish around; the suit is head to toe lycra (including booties) to protect you from stings.

At 2 p.m. we got to Darlene and Roy’s condo, chose our jellysuit fabrics  for the four of us and swimsuit fabrics for Danielle and I (approx. $25 for Danielle’s and $40 for mine – custom swimsuits – can’t be beat), got measured, and swam in the pool there. (By the way, the swimsuits and jellysuits will be ready in 3 days!).

We only got back to the boat at around 5, at which point our friend Larry barbequed the snapper he and Harrison caught yesterday early morning and we had a yummy potluck dinner with Larry and his wife Vicki.  Larry and Harrison then went out fishing again (best times to go are at sunrise and sunset) and they caught two bass, which we’ll have for dinner tomorrow night. 

In between, the kids played with their friends on s/v Hotspur and s/v Outrider.

The kids are now in bed, and Michael and I are heading to the marina’s hottub for a late night soak.

We never made it to El Cid, nor did we do any homeschooling.  A take-it-as-it-comes day.  The people you meet often make or break a place. This was one fulfilling day.

-Barbara in Mazatlan


  1. Hi Barb. I'm totally amazed each time I read one of your blogs. I am a loyal follower and love living your adventure through your eyes. Your photography and stories are great. Keep writing! Also please tell Danielle and Harrison that what they've written lately is fantastic. They will have stories forever.

  2. What a fun day! I'm sure the kids didn't mind. At least you'll all be able to swim this summer without getting stung by jellyfish.
    What a hard life!