Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Couple of Mexican Experiences...

Last week Barb mandated that we all get our teeth cleaned and checked so, on a recommendation, we headed to the local dentist in Bucerias.  Kind of reminded me of the dentist in the movie Marathon Man.  Anyhow, for kicks I went first.  Went into the room, sat in the chair and started to scream.  I thought it would be a good ice breaker and would also make my kids laugh (which they did).   Turns out it also scared away a walk in patient!  All in all, our teeth are all nice and clean and the four of us got it done for about $100!

Last night there was a big fair in the town of La Cruz.  It culminated a week of festivities (and rockets/fire works going off at all hours) in honor of the Patron Saint of La Cruz.  There were rides, a rodeo, the award of "Queen of La Cruz" as well as fireworks like they had in Melaque (read that post here). The noise level in the square and on the rides was unbelievable.  In fact, it did not look like they had much in the way of coordination in their music.  In the square in La Cruz there was a band playing music.  Ten feet away there was another band playing music,  ten feet from them another.  You get the point!

Danielle dragged me onto one of those rides where you sit in a car and it goes around in a circle at high speeds both forward and backwards.  Well, it reminded me of the rides at the CNE in Toronto 35 years ago and this ride looked like it was the very one I rode back then.  I guess that once it was no longer safe to be used in Canada it must have been sold to someone in Mexico who is still using it at fairs.  They ran that ride so fast (I am sure it was never rated for those speeds) and it went on for about 15 minutes!  Both Danielle and I could hardly wait for the ride to be over.  All I could do was pray that a rivet or joint did not break while we were on it!  Thankfully, it did not.

Later, Barb rode one of those mechanical bulls.  What a hoot that was!

Signing off from La Cruz (hoping to leave in a few days for San Blas and Mazatlan),



  1. Nice to hear from you Michael, especially with your nice clean teeth! Sounds like you are really having a blast with the kids...really a great bonding experience...and with Barb also I hope.
    Keep enjoying, it all sounds wonderful to me!
    Love to all...

  2. with those dental cleaning prices......must be a on the "pro" side of the spreadsheet for staying another year :)
    miss you guys.

  3. Hello Michael,

    recently got back from a trip and thought I'd check out your family blog tonight and see how your venture has been going.

    I was on a 16 night cruise with my family with stops in 3 ports in Mexico. We left from Charleston SC (who would guess they have cruises leaving from there?), with stops in Cartagena Colombia, through the Panama Canal, Puntarenas Costa Rica, and 3 stops in Mexico, Huatulco, Acapulco, and Puerto Vallarta, during the first week of May. Had I known sooner you were in that area I would have kept an eye out for you ;-)

    You are certainly creating memorable experiences to last for a lifetime. What a great opportunity you have taken.

    And if I read correctly, it looks to last for quite some time more.

    I certainly had a number of questions about how your venture would take place, including schooling your children, only to read you are homeschooling them. That is great. We (or shoudl I say my wife) has been homeschooling our kids too from the beginning.

    I love to chat with you. Not sure if you have an inexpensive way to stay in touch other than blogging and e-mail. Let me know (my e-mail is smayer97@yahoo.com for easy reference).

    Anyways, blessings to you and your family. Looking forward to more details of you trip.

    Adios mi amigo
    Asta la vista