Saturday, May 15, 2010

My New Business

I'm interested in making money, even though I'm only 9 years old. So I started my business as a website and blog designer.
First, I made a website for myself to demonstrate my abilities and to advertise. (Visit my website at .) Then, my dad advertised for me in La Cruz by telling people about me (he gets 10%) and got my first potential costumer, S/V No Name. Finally, I designed a business card, another way to advertise my services and to hand out to people.
I think making websites is a good job when you are a kid on a boat because you can do it remotely and only have to see your customer once at most. Maybe you'd like to do business with me. If you do, please email me at



  1. Hi Harrison. Great idea! I went to the website and loved it! Tell me if you could get me a deal on the condo. And I'm glad you're only giving your dad 10%, given your relationship.
    Miss you, and love the hair.
    Auntie Deb

  2. Hey Harrison!
    I think you're a bit young to be babysitting - I can't even do it yet. If your parents let you (don't get your hopes up), get a mohawk- you have the hair for it! I hope I'll be onboard soon.
    P. S.: I saw your website: awesome.

  3. Hey Huss - what amazing idea! You are so talented and entrepreneurial (a good word you can use - get out your dictionary).
    As far as giving your father a cut, or anyone else, ONLY as long as they work for it - like getting you a client, and, ONLY after you've been paid. Also, get it in writing.
    Whose condo are you advertising for? It looks beautiful with a great ocean view - ocean view always merits more money. Did you see it? And will you be getting a cut there if they get a customer?
    Now as far as your babysitting services, make sure you also advertise the benefits, like an expert swimmer, water-skier, and the many other attributes that you have. You might even offer them your sister (better ask her first) to babysit and get a cut there.
    I just love your ambitious ideas. I'm trying very hard to see how I can use your services, now that I'm retired. Babysitting is out for sure, but I would sure love your company...
    Keep up the good work! I love you for being just YOU!

  4. I could really use a babysitter! Do you arrange for transportation to your client, or do they have to come and pick you up and drop you off? The kid on your back looks like he's having a good time, so you must be good!

    As for the website..would love a Ginsberg Family Website. Do you think you could design something for us? Let me know how much you think it would cost. (no cut for your dad though...he had nothing to do with this deal even though he knew me first!)

    Hope you guys are having a great time. The weather is starting to improve here and we actually had dinner in the backyard tonight which was really nice. I can't believe the school year is ending so soon. Sammy has his graduation in a few weeks (with Jordan) and Hannah has her siddur ceremony at the end of May (with Daniel). Does your school year come to an end, or do you have to keep going right through the summer?

    Miss you guys a lot! Hugs and kisses to everyone.

  5. Hi Harrison,
    It's Sophie and Emma. i think it is a great idea with your business (this is Sophie). I myself am very intersted in making money but I've never been that creative. I just ask for handouts. If you are ever feeling lazy one day, try it (try batting your eyelashes). We are missing you very much from Irwin Inn. How is it on your boat? It must be very fun.
    We are doing good here in Toronto. Maybe some time when you are off the boat you can visit. Tell Danielle we miss her too.
    We miss you, ang good luck with your buissness
    Sophie and Emma :D