Friday, October 29, 2010

My Best Vacation Ever

This blog post was written by my cousin Ethan who visited with us last month with my grandparents:

I love being on Watcha Gonna Do.

When I went, we stayed in a marina in La Paz for a few days, and then we sailed for about 4 – 5 hours to an anchorage right next to a fishing village where I went snorkeling for the first time in my life.

After 2 days, we went to a different anchorage, which was where we just hung out for a few days.

After that we went to a place called Ensenada Grande, where there were lots of plankton called fosse fressents. They glow up at night if you move around in the water! They’re always there, but you can’t see them in the day.

After that we went to an anchorage for a few hours that had lots of sea lions, and then we sailed to an anchorage in La Paz.

While we were sailing back, we caught 2 huge female mahi mahis, which we ate for supper (Bubby made ecra (caviar) out of the eggs).

When we were back at La Paz for the last night, we walked around in a carnival for 2 hours.

Thank you, Bubby and Zaida for taking me on this wonderful trip, and thank you Barb, Michael, Danielle, and Harrison for having me on the boat.

-Ethan Gottesman-Kaplun (back in Toronto)


  1. Not only did we get to do all that, but on the way back to La Paz we capped off the trip by seeing a spectacular pod of dolphins swimming right beside and in front of our boat. It was great having you on board and hope you also enjoyed driving the dinghy.

    Uncle Michael -- In California

  2. Ethan, you forgot to mention that you also helped your cousins with their daily chores!
    It was a pleasure watching you all participating and having fun with each other. You were a real trouper!