Friday, March 26, 2010

A Story using Boat Names

Me and my friend Amy (SV Third Day) wrote this story using as many boat names as we could.  The names are all in italics:

'Whatcha Gonna Do'?

Oh, I 'Gato Go' 'Wiz' on 'The Boat'.

'Just a Minute'! I have the 'Aunt Sur' to your question.  The book had 'No Name' and it was by 'Don Quixote'.  It was about a 'Qualchan' who met 'Meshach'.  After the 'Third Day' they'd met, they talked about 'Amazing Grace'.  Then they sailed across the 'Ocean Blue'.  They needed a ton of 'Endurance' to sail through the 'Freezing Rain'. Then they saw a 'Dolphin' at their bow, which an 'Albatross' attacked!  When the 'Dolphin' swam away on his 'Sea Conquest' for more fish, they saw the 'Albatross' 'Fly Aweigh' and yelled 'Adios'.  Then they saw the 'Moon and Stars' and 'Blue Lightning'.  They had a night of 'Bliss' and 'Free Spirit' watching the 'Westerly' come in and listening to the 'Distant Drum' of the thunder.  Their 'Journey' with a 'Broken Compass' was their 'Last Resort'.  At the end of their travels, they had a 'Brave Heart' as they approached the 'Beach Access' in 'Slow Motion' and they were greeted by 'Julia Morgan', 'Natalie', 'Jesse's Girl', 'Rocsan' and 'Little Lara'They were finally 'Done Dealing' with the 'Escapade' of that 'Prevailing Wind'.  They all then listened to a 'Symphony' of 'Ludwig' 'Jammin' 'Bluzzz' 'Music' and 'Celtic Song' like a 'Rock Star' to a grand 'Crescendo' and 'Great Delight'.   They all felt 'Fintastic'!


  1. That is an amazing blog! That must have been so hard to write...very impressive! Hope you guys have a great time with the Rubinoffs...we'll miss spending Pesach with you as we were supposed to! year for sure!
    Love you...

  2. Danielle, you must have really had fun writing this story - so creative - I really enjoyed it. Were you able to use all the names? It really relaxed me and made me smile... after having spent several hours in the kitchen cooking for Passover.
    I'm sure you'll enjoy having your cousins there for the holidays. Have fun...Chag Sameach! Love you...